Top 5 Superfake Handbag Styles of 2023

Real Authentication’s Top 5 Superfake Handbag Styles of 2023

Real Authentication’s Top 5 Superfake Handbag Styles of 2023

Real Authentication’s Top 5 Superfake Handbag Styles of 2023

As we step into a new year, the fashion world will continue to unveil an array of luxurious styles and trends crafted by renowned designers. However, alongside the allure of these coveted creations comes the unfortunate reality of counterfeiting. Real Authentication is all too familiar with the fact that when anything becomes highly coveted, it ultimately also becomes highly counterfeited. “For example, the Christian Dior Book Tote became highly popular, and in turn, we saw the marketplace flood with both high and low-grade counterfeit models almost overnight,” say Real Authentication Co-Owners Jenna Padilla and Anastacia Black (Vogue Business). Before we experience all the new styles that the year has to bring us, join us as we take a look back at Real Authentication’s list of the top 5 most counterfeited handbag styles of 2023.

Real Authentication’s Top 5 Most Counterfeited Handbag Styles of 2023

1. Gucci Marmont Flap Bag

Real Authentication: Gucci Marmont Flap Bag Real vs.Fake

Since its debut in 2016, the exquisite Gucci Marmont Flap Bag has captivated the hearts of high-end fashion enthusiasts. However, as is often the case in the realm of luxury goods, the bag’s soaring popularity has unfortunately resulted in a flood of counterfeit products entering the market and the reason why this bag is deemed Real Authentication’s #1 superfake bag for 2023.

Real vs. Fake

When comparing these bags, the top things to look for include:

Gucci Date Code And Logo:
– Check for the interior logo, style code tag, stamped ® symbol, and “GUCCI” signature on your bag while shopping, as counterfeits may have poorly stamped logos.
– Look for a series of numbers on the back of the inner tab to identify the style and material used, noting that vintage typography and codes can vary significantly.

Inspect Gucci Stitching:
– Authentic luxury items should exhibit impeccable quality, including flawless appearance, luxurious texture, genuine leather scent, proper proportions, and lasting shape.
– Gucci products stand out with their durable, thick stitching, setting them apart from other luxury brands and guaranteeing longevity.

Gucci Authentication Details:
– Authentic GUCCI handbags feature high-quality metal hardware, so be wary of lightweight metal when shopping second hand as it could indicate a fake with plastic hardware.
–  Look for solid metal zippers and newer models engraved with the “GUCCI” signature to confirm authenticity. If unsure, invest a small amount to verify your purchase and reach out for assistance if needed.

Take a look at this recent Real or Fake Gucci post, where we compare a real and fake Gucci Marmont Flap bag in more detail. Plus, dive deeper into how to tell if a Gucci Bag is real in this Real Authentication blog post.

2. Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag

Real Authentication: Saint Laurent Lou Bag Real vs. Fake

If you’re familiar with Saint Laurent, then you know that all of their products are high-quality, feature impeccable craftsmanship, and are very luxurious. Landing at #2 on our Top 5 Superfake Handbag Styles of 2023 list, The Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag is no exception. With a sleek design, it features an adjustable shoulder strap drop. Crafted from calfskin leather, it is available in an array of colors, with black, silver or bronze-toned metal hardware showcasing the iconic YSL logo. The exterior includes a flat pocket, while the interior houses an additional one, varying with size. Completing the ensemble is a detachable tassel, enhancing the bag’s simplicity and elegance.

Real vs. Fake

When examining a YSL bag for authenticity, the top things to look for include:

YSL Date Code & Logo:
– The handbag’s interior logo patch features the brand’s iconic “Saint Laurent – Paris” embossed in a bold sans serif font. The logo uniquely touches only with the letters “N” and “T,” while the letter “R” in “Saint Laurent” differs from the one in “Paris,” and a blind stamp indicates its origin.
Inspect YSL Stitching:
– Saint Laurent bags feature impeccable stitching both inside and outside, along with a high-quality lining made of luxurious textiles and leather trim.
– Saint Laurent handbags are renowned for their top-notch quality, crafted from premium materials like lambskin, suede, calfskin, textured leathers, and metallic finishes, ensuring a luxurious feel and flawless seams with high-quality metal hardware.

3. Prada Re-Nylon Re-Edition Bag

Real Authentication: Prada Re-Nylon Re-Edition Real vs. Fake

#3 on our Top 5 Superfake Handbag Styles of 2023 is the Prada’s Re-Nylon Re-Edition bag, which offers a modern twist on the classic Prada design. Crafted from Re-Nylon, a material derived from recycled plastic waste sourced from the ocean, fishing nets, and textile fibers (, this bag showcases the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The signature enameled metal triangle logo embellishes the zipper and woven tape handle, adding a touch of luxury to this eco-friendly accessory.

Real vs. Fake

When reviewing a Prada handbag for authenticity, the top things to look for include:

Prada Triangle Logo Plaque
– The triangle logo plaque on Prada bags may sometimes have a slight notch in the letter ‘R’, but this feature is not consistently present in authentic pieces, especially in older models from the 90s-early 2000s.
– Authentic Prada bags will always feature some form of inside branding; absence of this branding indicates a fake item. The brand logo on the inside may vary slightly depending on the specific Prada product.
Inspect Prada Stitching
– Prada handbags feature an angled stitching pattern that is clean, even, and matches the leather color.
– The stitching reflects Prada’s minimal, high-end style; any flashy or contrasting stitching should be reviewed by a professional.
Prada Hardware
– Prada’s zippers feature their logo in a consistent branding font, typically with engravings from manufacturers like Lampo, Opti, Riri, IPI, or YKK.
– Prada typically uses gold and silver hardware exclusively, ensuring consistent tones without mixing across their garments or accessories.

4. Louis Vuitton Bumbag

Real Authentication: Louis Vuitton Bumbag Real vs. Fake

Debuting in the spring of 2018, the original Louis Vuitton Bumbag quickly gained immense popularity, consistently selling out after each restock. Regrettably, its success also attracted counterfeiters, leading it to secure the 4th spot on Real Authentication’s list of the Top 5 Most Superfake Handbag Styles of 2023. This iconic bumbag was retired in 2022 to make way for Louis Vuitton’s refreshed 2023 designs. Crafted from the renowned monogram-coated canvas and accented with vachetta leather trim, the bumbag features a top handle, an exterior zip pocket at the back, a “D-Ring” detail at the base, an adjustable belt, and a spacious interior compartment equipped with twin zipper pulls.

Real vs. Fake

When determining the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton bag, the top things to look for include:

Louis Vuitton Date Code & Logo
– Louis Vuitton Logo stamps are applied to classic vachetta leather using heat stamping, ensuring a lasting imprint. For specialty leather items, the logo may be foiled or embossed onto the material.
– Louis Vuitton bags used to have date codes showing production details but were replaced in 2021 with hidden scannable microchips for authenticity.
– While France and Italy are common manufacturing locations, Louis Vuitton also has factories in Spain, the USA, Germany, and Switzerland.
– Review Real Authentication’s full reference list of Date Codes and their respective locations: Louis Vuitton Authentication: Date Codes.
Inspect Louis Vuitton Stitching
– Check for authentic Louis Vuitton patterns such as monograms, stitching, and consistent high-quality details.
– Beware of inferior quality signs like yellow stitching and incorrect stitch counts; the monogram patterns should be diagonal with a specific sequence of a circle, fleur-de-lis, and the LV logo.
Louis Vuitton Authentication Details
– Louis Vuitton hardware is usually made of plated brass, with the metal tone evolving over time and between different models.
– The finish may appear more shiny on older models and more matte on newer ones, with the underlying high-quality brass metal exposed as the plating wears off over time.

5. Balenciaga Hourglass Handbag

Real Authentication: Balenciaga Hourglass Real vs. Fake

The fifth and final bag to mention in our Top 5 Superfake Handbag Styles of 2023 is the Balenciaga Hourglass Handbag. Crafted from glossy black crocodile embossed calfskin, this sought-after style boasts a rigid structure, a detachable crossbody strap, a magnetic closure adorned with studs, a back pocket on the outside, and luxurious Nappa lambskin interior lining.

Real vs. Fake

When determining the authenticity of a Balenciaga bag, the top things to look for include:

Balenciaga Logo:
–  Check the interior of your handbag for a foil stamped ‘BALENCIAGA’ logo and a “MADE IN ITALY” stamp accompanying a heat stamped style code reference number on the interior panel of the bag.
Inspect Balenciaga Leather & Stitching:
– Balenciaga, a top luxury brand in fashion, uses high-quality materials like soft and durable leather for their handbags.
– Balenciaga bags feature stitching on their items known for being durably thick, high quality, and uniform for a premium finish.
Balenciaga Authentication Details:
– Check Balenciaga hardware for high-quality metal studs that should feel sturdy and not unscrew.

The Takeaway:

In conclusion, the world of luxury handbags is an exciting yet challenging one, with the allure of designer creations constantly under threat from counterfeiters. As we reflect on the Top 5 Superfake Handbag Styles of 2023, it’s clear that the popularity and desirability of certain designs inevitably attract imitation and fraud. Real Authentication’s insights shed light on the darker side of the fashion industry, where counterfeit models flood the market, often deceiving unsuspecting buyers. Despite the constant battle against counterfeiters, it’s essential for fashion enthusiasts to stay informed, vigilant, and support authentic designers and products.

As always, Real Authentication remains committed to our mission to provide individuals, dealers, and global brands with unparalleled confidence and peace of mind by leveraging our deep expertise and years of experience to deliver the most trusted and accurate luxury goods authentication service available. Let’s look forward to a future where genuine creativity and craftsmanship are celebrated, and where the authenticity of luxury fashion is preserved for all to enjoy.



Disclaimer: Real Authentication is a 3rd party authentication service and is in no way affiliated with the brands it services.

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