What is your turnaround time? accordion-plus accordion-minus

24 hour turnaround is provided for all initial determinations of authenticity once sufficient images have been received. That is the determination if the item is real or fake, upgrades may take longer. 

12 hour expedited service on determinations is available for an additional $20.

1 hour service is available for an additional $30 per item when the authentication team is live (between the hours of 10AM – 8PM PST).

Instant turnaround may become available for an additional $50 service fee during times when the team is live and there is an opening in workflow to complete instant requests. These requests will be completed ahead of all other requests and typically only take a few minutes to complete.

How do I know when the authentication team is live and available for 1 hour or Instant authentication turnaround? accordion-plus accordion-minus

1 hour service is available when the authentication team is live (between the hours of 10AM – 8PM PST) for an additional upgrade of $30 per item. 

Instant turnaround may become available for an additional $50 service fee during times when the team is live and there is an opening in workflow to complete instant requests. These requests will be completed ahead of all other requests and typically only take a few minutes to complete.

 A visual notification bar will also be shown at the top of your browser or app when either of these services is available.

What if I paid for an expedited service but the turnaround time has passed? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Sometimes our team experiences higher than normal order volume or the item in question requires additional research outside the expedited time frame. In this case, your order may be given a refund for the expedited turnaround time. If you wish to cancel your order entirely, please contact customer service within your order’s messaging center. 

What if my order goes over 24 hours? accordion-plus accordion-minus

We do offer 24 hour turnaround time for all initial determinations, however, if the order does exceed 24 hours, it could be due to pending additional image requests for your item or your item undergoing additional review.

Please keep in mind, the determination refers to the item being real or fake, additional Add-On service may take longer. You may request a refund for your order any time prior to the order undergoing the initial review state.

How will I know when my order is completed? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Once an order has been reviewed and processed by our team of expert authenticators, a notification will be sent to the email address on file within your account.

What form of payments do you accept? accordion-plus accordion-minus

We currently accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and all major credit / debit cards. All accounts default to the pay-as-you-go method, however bulk credits may be added at any time. Credits will then be deducted at the time of each order.

How do I submit photos? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Simply click ‘Order Authentication’ to create an order. There, you will find guided prompts  to upload specific images based on the specific brand and category you select for your item.

Please review our Image Guidelines

Are there any exceptions to your brand list coverage? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Due to various reasons, we have paused authentication services for the following brands: 

  • Loewe
  • Golden Goose
  • Yeezy
  • Moncler

Due to various reasons, we have reduced Services on these Brands/Items:

  • Cartier Love Collection
  • Chanel Dad Sandals & Chanel Sneakers


Though we do not provide certification of authenticity for these brands/collections, we do still offer customer protection to help buyers regain funds from purchasing fraudulent items. If you believe your item may indeed be counterfeit and are needing assistance with a claim, please submit your item for review. If we believe your item is likely genuine or we are unable to service the item, a full refund will be provided for your order.

I accidentally purchased a counterfeit item, can Real Authentication help get my money back? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Yes. We offer Written Statement documentation which outlines why an item is counterfeit. This documentation can be used to regain funds from the likes of eBay, PayPal and Credit Card companies. Written Statements can be purchased within the Add-On section of your order.

I need to cancel my open order, how do I get a refund? accordion-plus accordion-minus

To cancel an open and incomplete order, please send our team a message requesting a refund within the message tab inside your order detail page. Please allow for 3-5 business days for funds to show back into your account.

Why does my order keep getting refunded? accordion-plus accordion-minus

An order may be refunded for one or more of the following reasons:

Quality control issues / Missing key identifiers / Image discrepancies / Not servicing this brand or style / Aftermarket repairs

If order images do not allow for a confident determination, it may be refunded. We are always happy to provide a full refund rather than give a determination without internal proof or certainty. Internal evidence and multiple checks behind each authentication enable us to stand behind each authentication and provide you with proof should you need it down the road. With this, our reputation provides trust within the community and gives clients full confidence in our determinations not only now but in the future as well.

Does Real Authentication have a phone number for support or contact? accordion-plus accordion-minus

In-order messaging for all client communication enables us to be efficient and continue to best support client orders around the globe. For us to keep our systems optimized for you, we will respond in the message system regarding any new inquiry or information only for each order. 

If you have not yet placed an order or are unable to access your Real Authentication account, our customer support team may also be reached HERE

Can you authenticate an item before I buy it? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Yes! We encourage shoppers to include the link to the item they are considering, along with high-resolution images from the listing itself, so our experts can pre-authenticate before you buy. If additional images are needed, we are happy to hold open your order until you receive the item in person, should you choose to purchase it or request the needed images from the seller.

Can you help me get my money back if my bag is fake? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Yes, we are recognized by PayPal, eBay and credit card companies as a sufficient expert documentation needed to regain funds from fraudulent sellers. We have great success with helping our clients regain funds!

How does the guest checkout work? accordion-plus accordion-minus

If you choose to submit an order as a guest, you will receive all service communications via email. Through these emails, you will have the opportunity to create an account at a later date if you wish to do so.

If you don’t get confirmation of the order or results in 48 hours or less, you may have entered your email incorrectly. Please contact us.

What name will show on documentation? accordion-plus accordion-minus

By default, the name on your account will show on all documentation. Some clients who are selling the item prefer to change the name to that of their buyer. If you wish to change the name for an individual document, you may do so at the time of purchase. Please note, it will not be possible to edit the name a second time once the document is purchased.

What is the pixelated square box on my documentation? accordion-plus accordion-minus

This is a scannable QR code that can be used to instantly verify any documentation issued by Real Authentication. To verify, simply open your iPhone camera or QR scanner app and point it at the QR code. A clickable pop-up will appear on your screen or you will be automatically redirected to our verification page. On this page, you will see the official order details from the original order completed by Real Authentication. If all information is identical to the item you are looking at, the item is verified! If any discrepancies exist (item, title, client name, order images, etc), the documentation is instantly void and we recommend avoiding the item entirely. If you have encountered any documents that have been altered, please contact customer service immediately and we will have the account flagged and documentation removed.

Why has another authentication company provided a conflicting determination? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Though we cannot speak for other authentication companies, the complexity required for the ability to authenticate an item is a skilled and unique task. Each authenticator on our team is continuously and extensively trained. Combined as a team, we have accurately reviewed millions of luxury goods; vintage, current, repaired, limited edition, special order, rare, unique and one of a kind. Our team takes all necessary steps to guarantee the item has been reviewed properly. 

That said, human error or simple difference of opinion can occur between expert authentication companies. Regardless of our final determination, per policy we will offer a full refund for any order where two other credible third party authenticators disagree with our original opinion. Official documentation from each source must be supplied within to receive a full refund. Please note - this policy is a courtesy to our clients and any refund in this circumstance does not mean or imply we agree with their findings. 

What if you're wrong? Do you offer a financial guarantee? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Though we do not offer a financial guarantee for the value of your item at this time, we do maintain a 99.9% accuracy rating across all categories. Though incredibly uncommon, if our team re-reviews an item and finds the original determination was incorrect, we will refund your order fee in full and provide your with complimentary documentation to either certify the item or assist you with regaining funds for the fraudulent purchase.

If you believe our determination is incorrect but after re-review we stand behind our original determination, you are more than welcome to provide us with proof of authentication from two other credible third party authentication services. Though we may not agree, per policy we will refund your order.

We are a large platform, do you offer Enterprise level discounts and API options? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Yes. We offer an API connection that can be completely customized to fit your workflow and authentication needs. Items can be sent to us either before, during or after the item is listed on your site. Please contact our Enterprise Development Team for more information on our robust and customizable integration options for high-volume authentication needs.

What kind of experience does your team have? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Authenticators on the Real Authentication team have held high-level positions at one or many top resale companies in the United States. In-person as well as virtual experience gives our team a stark competitive advantage. Over the past decade, our team has reviewed well over 2 million luxury items including rare, unique and one of a kind pieces. Knowing just what details to look for while having internally studied and archived authentication trends over the years, we can assure you our team has taken all necessary steps to guarantee the item has been reviewed properly.

What is the Smart Database Scan technology? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Real Authentication uses Smart Database Scan™ Scan’s AI and Machine learning technology to analyze an array of factors within an order. This assists our team of experts with identifying authenticity and helps ensure accuracy to all of our clients.

Do you work with any well-known resellers or selling platforms? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Yes. Real Authentications is partnered both publicly and privately with an array of industry leading companies including many top global brands.

How can I get a pre-purchase authentication button on my website for my clients to use? accordion-plus accordion-minus

If you are a Shopify store, you may install our Shopify plugin to your site and request approval for use from our service team HERE (tbd on this process, but likely insert link here) 

Not on Shopify? Please contact our Enterprise Development Team for more information on our robust and customizable integration options for high-volume authentication needs. HERE (insert enterprise contact us form)

Do you have window decals or flyers I can hand out to clients in my storefront? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Absolutely. We offer three different window decal options, business cards and promotional postcards to all our frequent clients. Please send us a message within your account to have some shipped to you directly.

Can I use the Real Authentication logo on a website and in a store? accordion-plus accordion-minus

The Real Authentication logo and name is Federally Registered by the UPTSO and trademarked accordingly. To use our logo please submit a request for approval before using any Real Authentication trademarks.

Do you offer authentication courses or team training? accordion-plus accordion-minus

We offer customized corporate training courses to fit your team’s needs. To request more information on this option please contact us.

Do you service items without a serial tag? accordion-plus accordion-minus

If your item does not have a serial / style code present or you are not able to locate it, please submit the item for review. Our experts may be able to assist you with locating the code. If the team is unable to service the item, a full refund will be provided for the order to the original form of payment. 

My item does not have all the features required on the order form, how do I proceed?

Styles vary vastly so if your item does not have a specific required component or you are unable to locate the component (such as the serial number) simply upload a different image to that field. Our experts will help specify where the component is located if at all needed.

Why doesn’t my item look identical to the photos on the brand’s website? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Though often sought after as rare, designer goods are still mass produced items and often show a bit more variance than some may anticipate. Across all luxury brands, no two items are exactly alike and construction may vary from item to item. Stock images on retail sites are usually shot using sample or pre-production prototypes where details such as hardware and construction may vary. Our rigorous authentication process covers several points of interest and you can rest assured, we will conclude our findings by applying a definitive review.

Why has my Mercari listing not been approved, even after my Real Authentication order has? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Real Authentication is the trusted authentication partner for items listed through the Mercari application directly. Real Authentication orders are not connected to Mercari in any way.

If you are unable to list your item on Mercari, please contact the Mercari support team for assistance with your listing.

What is Real Authentication? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Real Authentication is a luxury authentication service. We verify the authenticity of new & used luxury goods with our world-renowned brand experts. Learn more about Real Authentication on our About Us page.

How do you virtually determine authenticity? accordion-plus accordion-minus

We analyze every aspect of items that are submitted, from general product information all the way down to the denier of a stitch. Each order is reviewed by two or more of our highly-trained authentication experts and run through our proprietary Smart Database Scan™ technology. Smart Database Scan™ cross-checks numerous data points within our system and identifies any red flags that may be identified.

Why is my order in a third review state? accordion-plus accordion-minus

In some cases, an item may need additional research, information or images to provide a final determination. Our team will notify you in any instance additional information or images are needed.

Do you authenticate used items? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Yes. Real authentication offers expert designer authentication services for a variety of times, regardless of condition or age. You can learn more about what we authenticate

Do you authenticate vintage items? accordion-plus accordion-minus

Yes. Real authentication offers expert designer authentication services for a variety of times, regardless of condition or age. You can learn more about what we authenticate

What type of details do I need to provide for getting an item authenticated? accordion-plus accordion-minus

To start the authentication process you need to provide the brand, category, and serial number of your item, as well as all images that are required. You can review our image guidelines for more information. 

Is Real Authentication associated with the designer brands it services? accordion-plus accordion-minus

No. Real Authentication is not associated with the designer brands it services in any way. Real Authentication is independent of all designer brands.

How do I retrieve my password? accordion-plus accordion-minus

If you need to reset your password, you can do so on the sign up page below the necessary fields. Alternatively you can use this link.

Real Authentication App

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