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Real Authentication’s mission is to provide individuals, dealers, and global brands with unparalleled confidence and peace of mind by leveraging our deep expertise and years of experience to deliver the most trusted and accurate luxury goods authentication service available. We are deeply committed to our clients and providing top-notch luxury goods authentication services. Here from Real Authentication’s clients below! 


Hear from our Basic Authentication and Real+ authentication clients below.

I lost all of the documents for my Chanel bag during a move, I found RealAuthentication via a Google search and was graciously amazed at how fast and easy the process was. I received verification of my item SUPER fast & was able to sell my item with confidence and ease. Definitely would use again!

Manda D

I am an authenticator of luxury items myself, but yet when I'm not sure or selling my goods to an unsured potential customer I ONLY use and recommend others to use the services of RA. They never failed to give the truth and even share their process of authentication. One time, I used their services to authenticate a rare late 80s Dolce & Gabbana never seen before bag, and got full transparency of the process. I no longer trust opinions on the internet by unqualified luxury enthusiasts and use RA services on the app. Their prices and services are super decent and affordable. They even sent me a customized special certificate to print and store inside the bag for a lifetime!

Dore W

Great experience, fully satisfied with service, based in UK, gave me piece of mind on a Prada Piece I purchased……asked for numerous pictures a few times which I did not mind they were obviously doing a very thorough job x which I can only thank them for. Would not hesitate to use them again for authenticating items.


I have been using Real Authentication for years now. I have items that have multiple certificates of authenticity and RA has always been confirmed with their findings. They have always answered any questions I have with specific detail further confirming my faith in their findings.

Bridget M

Amazing customer service, super speedy response time! I use RA every time I shop second hand as they have proven to be the most reliable around.


These people provide great service. I was very pleased and the turn around time is on point. Will definitely be coming back and will definitely recommend them.

Monica M

If you are looking for an authentication service for luxury goods you have found it! Great customer service and pricing! This is such an amazing service!

Kelsi U

Real Authentication has saved me a lot of money, time and grief. The Authenticators have always been thorough and receptive. I really appreciate their services.

Elanor R

This company was very thorough and fast in assisting me with my item. I highly recommend them!

Lana K

Real Authentication is a valuable resource and they always provide prompt, accurate service. Highly recommend!

Jean H

Very helpful, expedient, accurate and with the most impressive technical website and correspondence that I've used.

Liam R

Have used several times, always professional and fast service. Highly recommend.

Rebecca L

My husband bought me a wallet for valentines day and I heard Real Authentication could help get our money back if it was a fake. Luckily it was real and I was able to get a certificate for it too! It only took like 5 min to submit the order and they were so kind to answer my questions about the popped thread in the corner. Will definitely use them again

Maya R

Real authentication is the real-deal...I emailed and ordered their service after I won an auction off eBay, but wanted peace of mind that the item was authentic before payment. They walked me through how to obtain proper photos from the seller, and after submitting I received the authentication and certificate super fast, which helped to speed up my transaction and payment to the seller. In addition, their authenticator was able to answer other questions on serial numbers and style of the bag...I really appreciate that they did research and went above and beyond. Thanks so much! I am so grateful for this service and would definitely recommend!

Kelly P

These people are amazing! I was going to buy a Rolex watch off of a private seller, but before hand I sent pictures to Real Authentication. The watch looked great but they confirmed that it was actually a FAKE! They really saved me. Thank you again!

Alex B

After my first eBay purchase, I was so unsure if my Louis Vuitton wallet was real or fake. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the wallet was indeed Authentic! Real Authentication gave amazing service and very fast turnaround. I was super impressed!

Regan H

For some reason none of the other online authenticators will get back to me.. except for Real Authentication! They have speedy response and were incredibly nice. I would recommend this service to anyone needing online authentication. Definitely better than all the other options I've attempted to use so far!

Calli T

Super fast service and easy to use order form!

Sheryll K

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