Real Authentication

Our mission is to provide the power of information to prevent the circulation of counterfeit goods in the luxury market.

Over the years, we identified countless scammers selling realistic fakes and saw a major need in the market to help prevent and protect shoppers and sellers alike. We offer services directly to the public as well as partner with the top resellers and selling platforms around the world to verify brand authenticity. Real Authentication Reviews reflect the rigor and care we take into verifying the authenticity of each item. 

We analyze every aspect of items that are submitted, from general product information all the way down to the denier of a stitch. Each order is reviewed by two or more of our highly-trained authentication experts and run through our proprietary Smart Database Scan™ technology. Smart Database Scan™ cross-checks numerous data points within our system and identifies any red flags that may be identified. The Real Authentication platform is the world’s leading process to certify the authenticity of new and used luxury goods.

Our Story

Real Authentication was founded in 2016 in the USA by Anastacia Bouzeneris and Jenna Padilla, who met while working together as lead authenticators at a reputable designer resale company. Realizing there was a need in the industry for a quick, easy, and reliable way to authenticate luxury goods, Bouzeneris and Padilla came together to offer global verification services for anyone that questioned the authenticity of luxury merchandise.
We are completely enamored with luxury and designer fashion. We have a deep appreciation of the craftsmanship and heritage behind the brands we service which motivates us to uphold the mantra #RealisBetter. Our team is determined to find justice for our clients and offer a reliable, non-biased source of regulation to the secondary market.
Two girls on a luxury bags in the background

Anastacia Bouzeneris

Co-founder and Expert Authenticator

My journey into the secondhand market started in 1999 when I opened my eBay account. One of my first purchases was a vintage Louis Vuitton bag. To this day, I still have the bag as it’s a reminder of my journey right from the start. eBay played a huge part in my journey to Real Authentication within the realm of the secondhand market. The idea of being able to support myself with finding thrift items to sell on eBay for a higher price gave me the scene of empowerment and independence. It also led me into my first real job as an eCommerce editor which turned into a longstanding career in luxury authentication. 

In selling so many items on secondhand market sites, I needed to make sure I was selling authentic items so I had to do my research. At this time there weren’t any companies that offered what Real Authentication offers today. For me, what I love about Real Authentication the most is that I get to pass on that sense of empowerment and confidence to know what someone is selling is real.

Jenna Padilla

Co-founder and Expert Authenticator

With a background in Business and Fashion Merchandising, I was exposed to the dark side of the fashion industry early on. I was shocked to learn about counterfeiting, the black market and sweatshops funding criminal activity and human trafficking. I began my career working with fair trade organizations and felt a deep connection and sense of fulfillment in helping to prevent unfair trade practices around the world. I fell into the luxury space by chance, and much like Anastacia, my entrepreneurial side took hold when I saw just how lucrative flipping luxury goods could be. 

I quickly learned that in order to buy and sell, you have to be absolutely certain the item is indeed authentic. From there, I made it my mission to master the art of luxury authentication. Anastacia and myself have surrounded ourselves with the top experts in the industry and created a collaborative environment to study and document luxury trends from vintage to current. It gives me the highest sense of appreciation to know that since launching Real Authentication, our platform has only grown to be stronger and more effective with time.

A shelf with a lot of luxury bags

A Culture of Service and Community

We believe in building a better world where we take care of our customers, partners, and team members. Reviews sometimes reflect a backlash of scammers trusted with our process. Real Authentication aims to protect designers and creators by supporting and empowering entrepreneurs in the secondary markets and elevating initiatives that aim to stop the crimes associated with the luxury goods counterfeit industry.

Many are surprised to learn that the sale, production and/or transport of counterfeit goods is actually illegal. Not only is counterfeiting illegal and harmful to trademark owners as well as the global economy, but even more shockingly, it comes with horrendous side effects as well:
Since the production of counterfeits is not regulated, many factories dump massive amounts of toxic chemicals into the environment. Dyes, fumes, smoke and chemicals seep into the ground, water sources and air exposing pollution to surrounding communities.
The production of counterfeits operates under the radar of labor laws the labor used for the production of counterfeit goods is typically done by slave or child labor that make little to no wage at all. Laborers often live inside the same factory they work in with no safety regulations, poor ventilation and toxic chemicals surrounding them at all times. Byssinosis or ‘brown lung’ is a lung disease that occurs in workers who inhale large amounts of yarn or cotton dust in inadequately ventilated and can lead to death.