Our Mission

To provide individuals, dealers, and global brands with unparalleled confidence and peace of mind by leveraging our deep expertise and years of experience to deliver the most trusted and accurate luxury goods authentication service available.

Real Authentication was founded in 2016 to provide the market with access to highly skilled authentication experts from anywhere in the world. We offer services directly to the public as well as partner with top resellers and selling platforms alike to help verify brand authenticity.

Our world renowned team of experts analyze every aspect of an item that is submitted, from general product information all the way down to the denier of a stitch. Each order is reviewed by our team of our highly-trained authentication experts and also run through our proprietary Smart Database Scan™ technology. Smart Database Scan™ cross-checks numerous data points within our system and identifies potential red flags. The Real Authentication platform is now the world’s leading process to certify the authenticity of new and used luxury goods.


Our Process

Real Authentication experts use their extensive hands-on experience in conjunction with our proprietary archive of over 2 million references to analyze the fine details of every item submitted. Orders are typically reviewed by two or more of our highly-trained authentication experts while also run through our proprietary Smart Database Scan™ technology. An additional layer of quality assurance, provided by our expert fraud detection team, only helps to further insure accuracy in every determination. Real Authentication’s process to verify authenticity of new and used luxury goods is now world renowned, servicing clients in more than 90% of all global countries. 

About Our Founders

Founders of Real Authentication, A Luxury Goods Authentication Services


Co-founder and Expert Authenticator

My journey into the secondhand market started in 1999 when I opened my eBay account. One of my first purchases was a vintage Louis Vuitton bag. To this day, I still have the bag as it’s a reminder of my journey right from the start. eBay played a huge part in my journey to Real Authentication within the realm of the secondhand market. The idea of being able to support myself with finding thrift items to sell on eBay for a higher price gave me a sense of empowerment and independence. It also led me into my first real job as an eCommerce editor which evolved with experience into a longstanding career in luxury authentication.

In selling so many items on secondhand market sites, I needed to make sure I was selling authentic items so I had to do my research. At this time there weren’t any companies that offered what Real Authentication offers today. For me, what I love about Real Authentication the most is that I get to pass on that sense of empowerment and confidence to know what someone is selling is real.


Co-founder and Expert Authenticator

With a background in Business and Fashion Merchandising, I was exposed to the dark side of the fashion industry early on. I was shocked to learn about counterfeiting, the black market and sweatshops funding criminal activity and human trafficking. I began my career working with fair trade organizations and felt a deep connection and sense of fulfillment in helping to prevent unfair trade practices around the world. I fell into the luxury space by chance, and much like Anastacia, my entrepreneurial side took hold when I saw just how lucrative flipping luxury goods could be.

I quickly learned that in order to buy and sell, you have to be absolutely certain the item is indeed authentic. From there, I made it my mission to master the art of luxury authentication. Anastacia and myself have surrounded ourselves with the top experts in the industry and created a collaborative environment to study and archive luxury trends from vintage to current. It gives me the highest sense of appreciation to know that since launching Real Authentication, our platform has only grown to be stronger and more effective with time.

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