How to Tell If A Gucci Bag is Real? 8 Step Gucci Authentication

How to Tell If A Gucci Bag is Real?

How to Tell If A Gucci Bag is Real?

How to authenticate Gucci


Gucci bags have been well sought after for many decades. It is hard to resist their impeccable design that stands out from other luxury handbags.

How to Tell if a Gucci Bag is Real? 

These luxurious and highly sought-after bags are made from high-quality materials, have premium craftsmanship, and timeless style collections that are recognizable worldwide. You can’t forget about their signature Gucci features like bamboo handles, horse-bit closures detail, and the GG monogram. 

While these may all seem great and dandy, how can you tell when you are out on the market for an authentic Gucci bag. Well, there are seven ways to tell if a Gucci bag is real or not. Keep a lookout for the following signs to know that the bag is authentic:


Check the Serial Number Tag

The serial number is one of the quickest ways to spot a fake. The majority of Gucci handbags have a leather tag located along with the interior stitching. This serial number tag holds the logo as a key element in identifying a replica Gucci bag. 


Review the Materials and Craftsmanship

Gucci’s materials feel luxurious to the touch due to the high-quality leather that is used. Fakes will frequently use cheap leather that will look, feel, and even smell due to poor quality chemicals. 


Examine Bag Stitching Closely

Authentic Gucci handbags have impeccable stitch work. The threads used sometimes are the same color as the bag. If you see any unevenness to the stitching, breaks, or gaps in the threading or fraying, the bag is not likely to be authentic. 


Feel the Hardware

Hardware on your authentic luxury bag should have high-quality hardware that’s sturdy and heavy. All zippers, locks, and other metal hardware found on your bag should be placed well and stamped with the Gucci logo. It shouldn’t be rusty or chipped.


Look for an Authenticity Card

When shopping for a pre-own Gucci bag, you will come across a “controllato” card. It is a grey card featuring the font logo, ten numbers, and say “controllato” in all lowercase font. 

Typically this card is issued with every new authentic Gucci bag, so keep an eye out for one of those.

Logo Quality

Luckily, The “GG” emblem is one of the most iconic markers in fashion and is very recognizable. The trademark symbol is another detail that is often missed by counterfeits. Always look for the trademark symbol on the logo.


The packaging doesn’t exist when it comes to the counterfeit market. Authentic Gucci bags will always come with a dust bag in various colors. These dust bags include the logo and are made of silky material. If they are store-bought, they include a QR code with the correct details and fonts.

Double Check for an Interior Tag 

The backside of the interior tag holds important information such as the serial number.

Authentic bags have their interior tag created with a heat stamp. Typically the interior tag has the brand’s trademark, logo, and includes where they are made. The interior tag stamping won’t always be 100%. The appearance of the interior tag can be quite shallow depending on the material.

Be careful by inspecting your new Gucci bag yourself or having a professional authenticate your bag, it will reduce the chances of your purchasing a fake Gucci bag.

Submit your photos to us on your phone or computer, and we will authenticate your purse/handbag or any other designer item you have! 


Please be sure to authenticate before or after you buy, no matter where you purchased the item. 


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