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Is it illegal to buy a fake handbag?

Is it illegal to buy a fake handbag?

Is it illegal to buy counterfeit handbags? 

No matter where you live, you have at some point come across a fake handbag and other designer items such as shoes, watches, jewelry, and wallets. Scammers are looking to offload counterfeits to people knowing are looking to buy a fake handbag or unknowingly just looking for a deal at swap meets, flea markets, and little bodegas in bigger urban cities. Yet, buying and selling fake designer items might do more than just ruin your reputation. 

With a growing online marketplace, it has become easier than ever for shoppers to purchase knock-off items that look realistic. To the untrained eye, even poorly made knock-offs can pass for the real deal. Although luxury fashion companies are making lower price point products there is a difference between knock-off products and counterfeit items.

However, if you come across a fake designer bag, is it illegal to buy one? It is not illegal to accidentally purchase counterfeit items. However, it is illegal to sell them for a profit and not let your customers know they are fake. Knowingly selling counterfeit goods is subject to legal action.


What are the Harmful Side Effects of the Counterfeiting Industry?

Unfortunately, the counterfeiting market is a booming industry across the world even during the pandemic. Many buyers want to achieve that high-end designer look for the bargain price which is why they want to purchase “second-hand” bags on eBay, Poshmark, and other online reselling marketplaces. Some people will go through great lengths to make it happen which feeds the counterfeiting industry.

  • Don’t pay taxes
  • Impacts the economy (local and global)
  • Jeopardize the job market
  • Supports child labors
  • Promotes organized crime
  • Cheap quality products
  • Undermine innovation

Those are just some of the effects that the counterfeiting industry has on our society and country.

To help combat and reduce the counterfeiting industry every consumer must beware of the purchases they made. If a bargain seems too good to be true, it most likely is. We highly suggest not making that purchase. Although, it might seem like a good idea to buy that $300 designer bag for $10 from some street vendor, be aware of the consequences if you purchase a counterfeit purse. Save your hard-earned dollars for a purchase that will be more worthwhile.

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Please be sure to authenticate before or after you buy, no matter where you purchased the item!