Is it okay to brag about buying fake bags online? - REAL AUTHENTICATION

Is it okay to brag about buying fake bags online?

Is it okay to brag about buying fake bags online?

There are Thousands of Videos Featuring TikTokers Bragging About Buying Fake Designer Bags Online

When did it all change? Reflecting back a few years, buying fake items and using them was a dirty little secret. Everyone knew it was wrong and had a certain amount of shame for it. You wouldn’t know that today while scrolling through the comments on #fakebags TikTok posts. There is not only a lack of outrage but the comments are filled with outpouring support. Gone are the days where saving for that special designer purchase is treasured and celebrated. Instant gratification and bragging about it have replaced the specialness of owning a beautiful, designer bag for the first time.


Is it okay to brag about buying fake bags online?

Knowingly buying a fake and being accidentally tricked into buying a fake are two completely different things. Yet, buying fakes, regardless of intention, still negatively impacts society the same. First, we need to address the people who see scoring a counterfeit bag online as a badge of honor. Then we need to empower everyone to avoid being a victim by unintentionally supporting scammers and criminals.


Why Intentionally Buying a Fake Bag Online is a Problem

Buying fake bags helps support the black market and not the luxury brand itself, which creates a problem. Big and well-known online marketplaces like eBay, Jet, Amazon, Poshmark and China-based Alibaba have become infamous resources for these inauthentic products. As we discuss all the time, buyers of fake bags create a demand that encourages scammers to produce more of them as a business. It leads to crime rings where violence, child labor, and human trafficking are forms of modern slavery are used. These are proven strategies to produce these realistic fake bags at a fraction of the price. How else could they produce realistic fakes at those prices?? Think about it. 

Is that the personal brand you want to convey to the world? “Hey everyone, I am fake and don’t care about the designers, artists, or people!”

Not usually, people are drawn to fakes because they think that will make them more accepted in certain social circles. Designer goods are status symbols and many people will stop at nothing to be included in those circles. What ends up happening is the opposite. People that only support and buy real will struggle to accept those people that knowingly purchase counterfeit bags. It goes against their beliefs systems. If someone can’t afford the new Louis Vuitton bag, it is better to buy a real ‘middle-tier’ brand (like Coach, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, etc) or a pre-loved high-end designer than to own counterfeit merchandise. The majority of fashionistas see these options as perfectly acceptable and respected.

An authentic, honest life is more rewarding than fake life any day. No need to hide behind a label to define who you are!


Maybe You Mistakenly Bought a Fake Bag or Item

“But they bought this directly from the boutique” is no longer enough an excuse to buy fake luxury brand handbags. Scammers return counterfeit goods to the original in-store, an online boutique, or even the outlet mall. And guess who gets stuck with the counterfeit bag? YOU…and you may not even realize it.

An unknowing, untrained shopper wouldn’t think twice about brand authenticity when purchasing directly from the brand itself. To make matters even more questionable, sales associates are not trained to detect high-quality fakes. Imagine the sales associate was hired just a few short months ago, and they are still new to the industry. Scammers even use insider employees to return the knowingly fake merchandise as well as advanced and human engineering to pass fake returns as real. 

As we have seen far too many times before, counterfeiters know they can sneak by sales associates quite easily. Knockoff bags quality is getting better as the years have gone by, but so have other fashion categories such as jewelry, streetwear, and sneakers. So why is this a problem?


How to Spot Fake Designer Bags

If it is too good to be true, then it’s likely a fake.  We want to help you spot fake fashion bags so that you can brag about real authentic luxury fashion handbags.  

Here is how we spot a fake, and we can help you get peace of mind with a few image submissions:

  • Front
  • Logo
  • Made in Tag
  • Serial Number/Date Code
  • Hardware Engraving

Submit your photos to us on our mobile app, and we can help you spot a fake bag. 

Please be sure to authenticate before or after you buy, no matter where you purchased the item!  

Disclaimer: Real Authentication is a 3rd party authentication service and is in no way affiliated with the brands it services.

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