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Buy Fake Bags Online

Buy Fake Bags Online

“What’s the big deal?”

“Designer fashion is so expensive” 

“Buying fake bags doesn’t hurt anyone” 

If you or someone you know has bought counterfeit merchandise, they are likely to make the same excuses to themselves and others. Sometimes people know the harm it does on society and sometimes they don’t fully understand the impact of counterfeiting.

Stop Buying fake bags on Etsy, TikTok, Amazon, or Instagram

If it’s not already obvious, there’s a lot wrong with ordering fake handbags from sketchy websites and apps. Did you know, not only is selling fake merchandise is illegal, but knowingly buying fake bags is also illegal? Besides the law, it’s flat-out lying to yourself and those around you by giving an illusion of an expensive lifestyle.     

Let’s discuss the other reasons you might want to stop buying fake bags on TikTok and reevaluate if rocking that counterfeit Louis Vuitton is the personal brand you want to show the world. 

Fakes are a Moral and a Social Problem 

Not only does flaunting fake luxury handbags contribute to the already-notorious fake “perfect” lifestyle so many people display online, but it also shows a sign of disrespect to the brand’s design work. There are threads and hashtags filled with buyers bragging about purchasing fake bags as if it’s an accomplishment. You may not see the moral dilemma in stealing from these multi-million dollar luxury fashion brands, but purchasing a fake bag is stealing their designs and a violation of intellectual property rights. It also shows the buyer has little regard for the hard work that goes into earning enough money to purchase a real designer handbag. 

The rise in popularity of fake luxury handbags proves Gen Z’s invested in designer labels. The main reason so many people want these fakes is largely due to their infatuation with luxury brands in the first place and may not be able to afford an authentic one. They want to look like they are high-end customers and frequent shoppers. But the thrill is short-lived, these bags don’t wear well and are obvious to those around them. 


Counterfeiters are Criminals

Counterfeiting is big business and scammers will stop at nothing to get their payday. They are usually part of organized crime rings that involve child labor and false imprisonment to produce quality fakes. Children sold or kidnapped and enslaved into making that fake Gucci bag doesn’t conger up the luxurious Ad images that you get with the real deal. Remember, purchasing counterfeits feeds the demand and growth of the black market and incentives exploiting women and children. Those are the sad, not sexy, pictures we see every day.

How to Spot Fake Fashion Bags

Often, people are tricked into believing the bag is real or they are not aware of the impact of this one fake bag purchase. Either way, purchasers of designer goods need to be informed and armed with resources.  Here, at Real Authentication, we want to help you spot fake fashion bags to help end the counterfeiting industry. There are plenty of ways people can safely purchase authentic luxury fashion handbags in the second-hand, preloved market. 

Always look for reputable sellers. They have an online history of years or good, realistic-sounding reviews.  Look for the Real Authentication Certificaiton of Authentication with a scalable QR code and verify the images are on our realauthentication.com link and match the handbag.

It is hard to keep with the scammers manufacturing process and sometimes authentic designer handbags have acceptable variances in hardware, labels and stitching. We are well trained here at Real Authentication and keep up with the latest designer models and coutnerfit knock-off trends.

Consider working with a professional authenticator to help you determine legitimacy with a few key images submitted online:

  • Front
  • Logo
  • Made in Tag
  • Serial Number/Date Code
  • Hardware Engraving

Submit your photos to us on our website or our app today! Also, spread the word and educate your friends and family about the harm they are doing when they buy fake bags online. 


Disclaimer: Real Authentication is a 3rd party authentication service and is in no way affiliated with the brands it services.

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