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Balenciaga is a luxury fashion brand founded in 1917 by Cristóbal Balenciaga. The brand is known for its avant-garde designs, high-quality materials, and innovative approach to fashion. Balenciaga’s iconic pieces, such as the Motorcycle bag and the Triple S sneakers, have made the brand a favorite among fashion enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

Why BALENCIAGA Luxury Goods are So Desirable?

Balenciaga fashion items are highly coveted by fashion enthusiasts for their unique designs and exceptional quality. The brand is known for pushing the boundaries of fashion with its avant-garde designs and unconventional approach to fashion. Balenciaga items are made with the finest materials, ensuring that each piece is not only stylish but also durable.


Luckily, there are a few ways to know if that Balenciaga is authentic when buying and selling. 



On the interior of your handbag, you should find a metal nameplate or leather tag that reads either “Balenciaga_Paris” or “Balenciaga.Paris,” depending on the year of your bag, a number on the back side of that label indicating the style number of your handbag, and an embossing reading “MADE IN ITALY.”



One of the top luxury brands in the fashion industry, Balenciaga is made with quality materials.

The soft and durable leather used on their handbags will retain its original shape, but take note that it is also purposely meant to add to the piece’s characteristics; the pieces become more distressed and veined with age.

Your Balenciaga bag’s leather can be distinguished in other ways as well. The bag’s handles are made from sueded-leather, and the shoulder straps are made of one solid piece of leather with hardware at both ends.

The stitching on Balenciaga items should be thick, high quality and uniform throughout. 




Balenciaga hardware is one of the first things you should pay attention to when checking for Balenciaga authenticity. The brand is known for its edgy metal studs that should feel of high-quality metal, never unscrew, and the zipper hardware they use is sourced from “Lampo” (with some exceptions due to model and age).

Authenticate BALENCIAGA with Real Authentication

If you’re looking to add a Balenciaga piece to your collection, it’s essential to ensure its authenticity. Real Authentication offers online authentication services for Balenciaga and other luxury fashion brands. Our team of expert authentication specialists is dedicated to ensuring that each item is 100% authentic, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Our Online Luxury Goods Authentication Service

With our trusted luxury goods authentication service, you can be confident that your Balenciaga piece is authentic. Our secure platform guarantees the confidentiality of your information, while our expert authentication specialists conduct a thorough analysis to determine authenticity. Once your order is complete, you will receive email notifications with our determination of ‘Authentic’ or ‘Counterfeit.’ With our 24-hour turnaround time and state-of-the-art Smart Database Scan™ technology, you can rest assured that we will provide you with a reliable and efficient service. Trust Real Authentication for all your luxury goods authentication needs.


Balenciaga handbags and small leather goods feature reference code stamps within the item, often on the back side of the interior brand logo or stamped on the inner panel of the leather lining or patch pocket. The letter found within the numerical codes can be used to reference the season and year of production. 


authentic balenciaga metal plate

[ Last updated March 26, 2024 ]

N = F/W 2024
O = F/W 2023
P = S/S 2023
Q = F/W 2022
R = S/S 2022
S = F/W 2021
T = S/S 2021
U = F/W 2020
V = S/S 2020
W = F/W 2019
X = S/S 2019
Y = F/W 2018
Z = S/S 2018
A = F/W 2017
B = S/S 2017
C = F/W 2016
D = S/S 2016
E = F/W 2015
F = S/S 2015
G = F/W 2014
H = S/S 2014
Balenciaga date code
J = S/S 2013
K = F/W 2012
L = S/S 2012
M = F/W 2011
N = S/S 2011
O = F/W 2010
P = S/S 2010
Q = F/W 2009
R = S/S 2009
S = F/W 2008
T = S/S 2008
U = F/W 2007
V = S/S 2007
W = F/W 2006
Y = S/S 2006
Z = F/W 2005
A = S/S 2005
B = F/W 2004
C = S/S 2004
D = F/W 2003

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