Yes, Boutiques and Brands Accidently Sell Fake Items

Yes, Boutiques and Brands Accidently Sell Fake Items

Yes, Boutiques and Brands Accidently Sell Fake Items

Why Is Authentication Important?

Luxury resale is taking off and authentication is more important than ever before. With so many sophisticated replicas on the market nowadays it’s nearly impossible to know whether or not a designer find is legitimate. You can trust Real Authentication’s team of experts to verify whether or not your luxury find is legit. Our process is easy, simply snap a few pictures, upload them to the Real Authentication app and our experts will make a determination in less than 24 hours, after which you’ll receive a certificate of authenticity. Learn more about the brands we authenticate and how it works.

Real Authentication protects your investment. Luxury items often have a high price tag, and authentication ensures you’re investing in a genuine product and safeguards you from spending a lot of money on a counterfeit item. While undergoing authentication may seem excessive, especially when purchasing an item that isn’t secondhand, it’s worth it just to be on the safe side. Here are some reasons why luxury authentication is a necessary extra step.

Real Authentication Provides Quality Assurance

Luxury brands are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality materials. By authenticating your luxury item, you can guarantee that you are receiving the superior quality expected. Counterfeit items are often made with low-quality materials that will not stand the test of time. The experts at Real Authentication have knowledge and expertise in identifying luxury items and can observe fine details and brand-specific features to verify whether your items are real or fake.

Authentication contributes to a more sustainable fashion industry. Counterfeit goods are often associated with harmful and unethical practices. By supporting the resale of authentic luxury items, you are promoting ethical and responsible consumption and discourage the production and sale of counterfeit goods.

Real Authentication Helps Brand Reputation & Integrity

Luxury brands have spent many years building their reputation striving for excellence and exclusivity. Authenticating luxury goods establishes trust between the consumer and the brand. By ensuring that the product is genuine, the brand’s integrity is upheld. Counterfeit products harm brand reputation and undermine the exclusivity associated with owning authentic luxury items.

Luxury brands often provide warranties and other specialized services for their products such as repairs. By purchasing authentic items you can enjoy these benefits and ensure that your luxury product is in optimal condition for years to come.
You can rest assured that your luxury item is legitimate with Real Authentication. When you authenticate your luxury pieces with us you’ll obtain a certificate of authenticity after expert verification.

Real Authentication Helps Establish Resale Value

Authentic luxury items tend to hold their resale value over time. This makes them highly desirable for resale or consignment. Real Authentication helps resellers to accurately price items and avoid selling counterfeits with little to no resale value. Resellers can offer their customers a guarantee of authenticity with documentation such as a certificate of authenticity which builds trust and credibility while further enhancing the perceived value of the item.

Authenticity matters. When luxury shopping, you want to keep guesswork to a minimum. You should feel confident purchasing your coveted pieces whether they’re brand new or pre-loved–especially with their hefty price tag. Authentication is essential when luxury shopping to protect your investment, ensure quality, support brand reputation, address ethical concerns and maintain resale value. With Real Authentication you can enjoy the true value, experience and satisfaction associated with purchasing luxury items.