Louis Vuitton Authentication Services

Louis Vuitton, founded in 1854 and most famous for its treated canvas and monogram designs, is one of the high-end retailers who have thrived in the luxury industry the longest to date. But when greatness and exclusivity induce demand, we all know what follows is imitation.

LV has been known to be one of the most copied brands, and cheap counterfeits flood the second-hand market. Getting to know the brand and ensuring its authenticity through a site like www.realauthentication.com is the best way to protect yourself from falling prey to fraud.


3 Actionable Tips to Authenticate louis vuitton items;

Fortunately, there are a few giveaways that you can look out for when shopping for Louis Vuitton from a second-hand store, an online shop, or a friend.


The Logo

Starting at the very basics, when shopping for a real luxury item, the first thing you should be able to clearly notice is the quality of the item; it should look perfect, detailed, proportionate, and in its original intended shape.


The stitching


Look for patterns in your item; the monograms, the stitching, and the details should look uniform and high quality. Look out for cheap yellow thread in the seam, stitching counts.


The hardware

Go to a local retailer and feel what the real material should feel like, what the actual hardware looks like, and what the overall proportion of the item is. That way you can start recognizing what might be “off” when shopping second hand.

Counterfeit products today are not always easy to spot. It takes the eye of a professional to guarantee the authenticity of your product, and to allow you to shop with confidence.

That’s what we at Real Authentication promise. We will connect you with a minimum of two authenticators who will carefully and meticulously examine your fashion, then either assure you that it’s real or let you know it’s a counterfeit. We use advanced technology to evaluate your product in conjunction with our years of professional experience.

Not only does Real Authentication offer trustworthy and reliable authentication, but we also are recognized as experts in our field. For that reason, we’re trusted by eBay, PayPal and credit card companies. We can help you recover funds you’ve lost if you’ve been a victim of counterfeit.

Here at Real Authentication, we can authenticate:

We at Real Authentication are here to help make your luxury shopping experience enjoyable and exciting! Take the guesswork out of your designer shopping and connect with our authenticators today.