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About Hermes
Hermes is a luxury fashion brand founded in Paris in 1837. Known for its iconic designs and impeccable craftsmanship, the brand’s products are highly coveted among fashion enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. From the Birkin bag to the Kelly bag to the iconic silk scarves, Hermes products are made with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail, creating a timeless and classic aesthetic.

Why Hermes Luxury Goods are So Desirable?

Hermes luxury goods are highly sought after for their timeless designs, exceptional quality, and unparalleled craftsmanship. The brand’s products are created using traditional techniques and the finest materials, resulting in a distinct aesthetic that is instantly recognizable. From the iconic Birkin and Kelly bags to the classic silk scarves and leather goods, Hermes products are coveted by fashion enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.


Luckily, there are a few ways to know if that Hermes is authentic when buying and selling. 


With the brand’s high standards, you can expect no less than for your Hermes to be made from only top-quality leather. Due to the leather’s treatment, it retains a particular scent over the years that can distinguish it from a counterfeit. The logo stamp, stating “Hermes Paris made in France,” is located just below the stitching on the exterior’s front center of your handbag. Also, note that it’s always embossed on the bag rather than simply being printed on the surface.


Take notice of the quality of the item; it should feel luxurious to the touch. The “saddle” stitching on the exterior and interior of the handbag are all carefully handmade by one Hermes expert artisan and feature a double-stitching technique on the base of the bag’s handles. This is a high-quality technique that prevents the stitching from unraveling should a stitch or two break over time due to wear.

Depending on age, your Hermes handbag may feature a date stamp by displaying a circled-in, squared-in, or independent letter varying with age of production. But take note that Hermes does not give authenticity cards with their handbags, so if your seller is offering one, that should serve as a red flag.



The hardware on your Hermes bag should feel smooth and heavy. The zipper pulls, always parallel to the zipper line, will have the letter “H” engraved for vintage items or the Hermes logo spelled out. On the front of your straps, based on the model, you can usually find the brands’ engraving “Hermes Paris.”

Authenticate Hermes with Real Authentication

Hermes feels like nothing else. The handcrafted quality is easily seen in the hardware, the stitching, and even the scent of the bag. This will help you distinguish a real product from a fake once you begin to shop for pre-loved Hermes.

Even with experience, it is tricky to notice all the subtle details. It’s always worth investing a small amount to ensure your Hermes is authentic. Protect yourself when buying AND SELLING by using reputable Authentication Services.

Our Online Luxury Goods Authentication Service

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Hermes date stamps are typically accompanied by a craftsman mark. These markings can be found within the item in a discrete location such as the back of a strap, interior gusset or within the cash slot of a wallet lining. Each stamp carefully correlates to the item’s year of production.


Hermes Vintage Date Stamp
A = 1945
B = 1946
C = 1947
D = 1948
E = 1949
F = 1950
G = 1951
H = 1952
I = 1953
J = 1954
K = 1955
L = 1956
M = 1957
N = 1958
O = 1959
P = 1960
Q = 1961
R = 1962
S = 1963
T = 1964
U = 1965
V = 1966
W = 1967
X = 1968
Y = 1969
Z = 1970


Hermes Circle date code
A = 1971
B = 1972
C = 1973
D = 1974
E = 1975
F = 1976
G = 1977
H = 1978
I = 1979
J = 1980
K = 1981
L = 1982
M = 1983
N = 1984
O = 1985
P = 1986
Q = 1987
R = 1988
S = 1989
T = 1990
U = 1991
V = 1992
W = 1993
X = 1994
Y = 1996
Z = 1996


hermes square date code
A = 1997
B = 1998
C = 1999
D = 2000
E = 2001
F = 2002
G = 2003
H = 2004
I = 2005
J = 2006
K = 2007
L = 2008
M = 2009
N = 2010
O = 2011 (some Hermes bags of this age will feature a JO within the square rather than just a single O)
P = 2012
Q = 2013
R = 2014 (early 2014 blind stamps did feature the surrounding square)


Hermes R date code
R = 2014 (late 2014 blind stamps did not feature the surrounding square)
T = 2015
X = 2016 (the date stamp on the Birkin and Kelly styles is moved to the inner gusset)
A = 2017
C = 2018
D = 2019
Y = 2020
Z = 2021
U = 2022
B = 2023
What is the new Hermes Code for 2024?
W = 2024


Hermes incorporates special stamps for unique pieces and circumstances. Here is an overview of the stamps and their meanings.

HERMES shooting star stamp
HERMES horseshoe stamp
HERMES sale stamp
HERMES equal stamp
HERMES dash stamp
HERMES two dot stamp
HERMES carat stamp
HERMES square exotic stamp

The shooting star stamp indicates the item was made by an Hermes craftsman themselves, for their own personal use. This stamp is pretty rare an a fun surprise to stumble upon when opening up an item.


The horseshoe stamp is placed on custom or special order items, but only for the very first item made in that custom color way. If the item is ever re-created thereafter, it will not receive the horseshoe stamp.


Though not commonly seen, and against popular myth that Hermes never goes on sale, an S stamps may be present on sale items to indicate an employee has purchased an item at a discount. The item may also have been part of a warehouse sale.


Hermès is known throughout the luxury world for utilizing the highest quality materials and their exotic skins are certainly no exception.

Since the early 1980s, the brand has used unique identifying symbols foil-stamped onto their bags to denote the species of exotic skin

any time it is present on a handbag. Read on to discover what these symbols look like and the meanings behind them.


= stamp indicates Salvatore Varanus

A monitor lizard species from southeast Asia, Salvatore
Varanus is identified by an equal ‘=’ sign. It features small,
even, shiny scales and is sometimes dyed ombré to highlight
the concentric ringed pattern also known as Natural Lizard


–  stamp indicates Niloticus Varanus

Niloticus Varanus is a monitor lizard species from Africa’s Nileriver region identified by a hyphen ‘-’ symbol. This speciesfeatures small and even scales with a natural shine and isgenerally reserved for accessories and mini bags.


•• stamp indicates Niloticus Crocodile

Niloticus is identified by a two-dot ‘··’ symbol and is another farmed crocodile species originating from the Nile river region of Africa. The

plates of this species are larger than Porosus with less-rounded edges. Niloticus skins also feature ISO pores and come in both a lisse and matte finish.


stamp indicates Porosus Crocodile

Identified by a caret ‘^’ symbol, Porosus is a farmed crocodile species originating from Australia and southeast and southwest Asia.

This skin has square plates with rounded corners and showcases small dimples in each plate called ISO pores. These pores are left

over from a small sensitive hair that helps the crocodile navigate its environment. Porosus crocodile is the brand’s most expensive

exotic skin prized for its small symmetrical plates and can be found in either a lisse (shiny) or matte finish.


☐ stamp indicates Mississippiensis AlligatorSkins from this species will feature a square ‘☐’ symbol identifying the American crocodile species originating along the Mississippi
river. The plates of this skin are large and rectangular and feature a prominent umbilical scar which is aligned down the center of the
bag. Alligator is generally less expensive than crocodile and is made in both lisse and matte. It takes vibrant color well and becomes more flexible as it ages.

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