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Authentic Designer Clothing Resellers

Authentic Designer Clothing Resellers

Real Authentication Joins LePrix Wholesale’s Pre-Owned Designer Clothing Launch 

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LePrix Wholesale and Jenna, Co-Founder and authentication expert at Real Authentication, discuss the clothing authentication process, what to source, trending, and clothing to watch for in the coming weeks. 

“Fast fashion is out, as enlighted shoppers seek quality over quantity and choose to invest in more sustainable companies. Timeless classics are now highly coveted and harder to find. Vintage clothing is a great way to score vintage Chanel, Celine, and Hermès at a lower entry point for your business and your customers,” Le Prix Wholesale explains. “By investing in designer clothing for your business, you’re delivering top styles by the world’s most luxurious brands for a fraction of the cost.” 


Sustainable Meets High-Fashion

Supporting pre-loved designer trends through Leprix helps the planet and helps people afford fabulous clothing and accessories at a fraction of the cost. This spring and summer, the top styles trending for your customers will include accessories like bucket bags, logo jewelry, and oversized totes. The runways were filled with belly chains, vintage flashback clothing styles like pleated miniskirts, overalls, baggy jeans, 70s-style fringe, parachute pants, and feather-trimmed everything designed in updated silhouettes and unique patterns. 

We encourage clients to purchase the original design that started the trend instead of the inferior recreation of the original design. Always Stock up on timeless trends like Chanel suits, Givenchy LBDs, Fendi logo-print dresses, fringe-trimmed suede jackets, schoolgirl-approved microskirts, 60s-inspired prints, and artful crochet pieces. These pieces can usually be worn, cleaned, sold, and repeatedly enjoyed for years, clearing landfills of needless waste. 

Our Passion For Luxury Was Born 

“I always loved thrifting at local boutiques, but when I started a job in a small luxury boutique, I was utterly blown away, Jenna recalls. “It was love at first sight. My deep-rooted passion came from handling hundreds of luxury goods every day. The mind-blowing margins from buying and selling used designer goods while digging into the materials and construction of merchandise became a fascinating challenge that has never ceased to pique my interest – even after over a decade of daily authentication research.” Read more about us here

How did we become so passionate about fighting counterfeits?

“Counterfeiting is just the tip of the iceberg for their illegal activity. It funds the drug trade and human trafficking and has horrifying environmental repercussions. The fact it is a terrible industry, combined with our own experiences of having been scammed before, in one form or another, is something we wanted to help combat from day one.”

Most Common Counterfeit Brands of Clothing

“All designer trends are highly counterfeited. Not much has changed over the past decades except the speed of getting a counterfeit to market. Specific garments are known to be prolific in the fake market. For instance, in the early 2000s, John Galliano era for Christian Dior t-shirts and brand new collections today like Alessandro era for Gucci garments or MaxMara coats. The streetwear craze boosted the designer clothing and resale trends in recent years and needs to be expertly reviewed like Off-White, Demna era for Balenciaga. Counterfeiters are eager to take advantage of naive buyers wherever there is a craze. The short answer is that all brands are copied, so Real Authentication cautions all buyers and sellers to have an expert review for peace of mind.”

Designer Clothing Authentication Process

“When beginning an authentication, the client is presented with a category-specific set of image requests. We consider every single thing from the age of the garment down to the denier of the stitching. We keep up with manufacturing trends of new items and continually catalog all our past orders. Every collection comes with its own set of nuances, and this is where we help bring peace of mind to our clients.”

What is the most common indicator that a piece of clothing may be a fake?

“Similar to the methodology our experts apply when reviewing handbags, we constantly check all brand identifiers. Our process is on another level for garments due to brand-specific construction details that are unique to a clothing style. For example, Tisci era in Givenchy T-shirts has a signature T dart at the back. Or let’s look at the Chanel jackets that feature chain-link trim at the interior hem. Whether it’s a button, zipper, or composition tag, our experts will review these areas for authenticity markers that we have collectively spent decades studying.

What’s Next for Technology and Designer Fashion?

Technology has been an enormous focus for designer brands in recent years with the addition of NFC chips located inside merchandise and branded collateral. Blockchain technology will undoubtedly assist brands in checking, monitoring, and tracking new merchandise moving forward. New brand protocols aside, buyers should be aware that counterfeiters will stop at nothing to copy [or even steal] new technologies or protocols as they emerge. Tech is not a comprehensive solution but will be a helpful tool in the arsenal. Whether luxury brands decide to partner directly with third-party authentication experts such as Real Authentication remains to be seen. Yet, with new renditions of second-hand selling platform partnerships emerging every quarter, we can only foresee that being the next step in global luxury authentication.

Source Authentic, Pre-Loved Designer Clothing for Your Business

The wait is over. LePrix Wholesale officially launched pre-owned designer clothing on LePrix Wholesale! We’ve got the clothing to ensure your clients continually look extraordinary, from vintage Chanel tweed jackets to Fendi Zucca print pants and Gucci sweaters. 

With Real Authentication as the authenticator, you’ll never have to worry about authenticity at LePrix Wholesale. If you’re new to Real Authentication, use discount code “LEPRIX” to get $5 credit on your first Authentication.

And if you’re new to LePrix Wholesale, mention Real Authentication for a free COA on your first Wholesale purchase.


Disclaimer: Real Authentication is a 3rd party authentication service and is in no way affiliated with the brands it services.

About Real Authentication: Real Authentication’s mission is to provide individuals, dealers, and global brands with unparalleled confidence and peace of mind by leveraging our deep expertise and years of experience to deliver the most trusted and accurate luxury goods authentication service available. Follow this blog and sign up for our newsletter using the form below for more industry news, tips to spot counterfeits, and more! You can also connect with us on social media on FacebookInstagramTikTok, and Pinterest.


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