About Zenith

The Zenith brand is a collection of Swiss-originated luxury timepieces that exude comfortable elegance and serves as an ode to traditional craftsmanship. The brand established roots in the watchmaking world with the foundation set by George Favre-Jacot in 1865. Under his direction, the brand produced innovative watch movements in-house that set the stage for the global watchmaking realm as we know it. The brand has been housed by LVMH since 1999 and has established itself as the industry leader.


Building the Zenith Brand

The brand was initially an eponymous namesake and was renamed to Zenith. Jacot was a young, wunderkind apprentice throughout the watchmaking world in Switzerland and later expanded the collection’s reach with collaborations with designers such as Alphonse Laverriere. This powerful, dynamic duo introduced a patented watch movement that other luxury brands now use: the El Primero chronograph. The watch movement became the first iteration the industry has seen of the high frequency automatic chronograph. Public figures and philanthropists alike have used the Zenith brand as a peace offering or extravagant gift. For instance, Indira Nehru gifted a brilliant Zenith watch to Mahatma Gandhi at the height of his esteemed career in pacifist political movements.


Authenticate Zenith

Typically, a Zenith brand watch will come with a certificate of origin directly informed by the brand’s manufacturing archives. In the new age of outlets and peer marketplaces, you should prioritize product sourcing with a seasoned watchmaker’s eye. Use Real Authentication to uncover the true origin of your luxury collection’s timepieces.


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