About Yohji Yamamoto

This eponymous Japanese luxury brand carefully tends to the full spectrum of androgyny in men and women’s clothing. Yamamoto was born in Tokyo and developed his brand when helping his mother with dressmaking, shortly after abandoning his law studies degree from Keio University. After he discovered a newfound passion for tailoring, he attended the Bunka Fashion College to flesh out his fashion design skill set. The eponymous debut began in 1977 with a fashion show in Tokyo. Later collections debuted and catapulted the designer into the global and Japanese fashion industry history.


Building the Yohji Yamamoto Brand

Yohji Yamamoto’s ideology stands in the following saying: “Beautiful things are disappearing every day. He’s bestowed a genderless philosophy in his fashion desgin principle to the rest of the world. According to his androgynous leanings, women are more beautiful when protected from the male gaze and the harsh elements of the environment. When the body is malcontoured, the true image of femininity can show up in full, multi-dimensional force. As for his menswear design principles, Yamamoto aims to work around the limits of the male form to present some sort of understated class, a deviation from anything remotely trendy. This world-class brand breeds endless possibilities from simplicity.


Authenticate Yohji Yamamoto

This luxury house has a modus operandi that can be difficult to pin down. Interpretations of pieces on a catwalk may vary based on the individual experience. However, with Real Authentication, you can be sure that your products are thoroughly inspected for the recognizable branding and tailoring from the Yamamoto way of design.


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