About Tumi

The Tumi brand is known more commonly as Tumi Luggage. The Tumi travel collections are engineered for business and leisure travel founded by a former Peace Corps member in 1975. Charlie Clifford created Tumi luggage in response to the void of durable, quality traveling goods for the luxury consumer segment. Clifford’s inception of Tumi was born of his devotion to South American communities and those who require durable traveling garments the most. He then built a brand with thoughtful regard for high-end sartorial selection and unforgettable statements on the travel goods industry.


Building the Tumi Brand

As many designers are synonymous with the categories, Tumi defined travel in the modern century. Charlie Clifford’s interpretation of luxury travel has led him to design a wide-array of suitcases, purses, bags, duffel bags, and oh my – that Tumi laptop bag which is known as the best gift for him. Tumi backpacks are the holy grail for anyone who travels with a laptop. They have durable, yet light materials sure to survive any trip. The Tumi brand catapulted into fame with the Tumi “Wheel Away” bag carefully draped in patented ballistic nylon. The brand is also known for its utilitarian briefcase with its patented “Safecase” technology that allows the professional’s machinery to be protected from falls, a novel feat with the use of shock-absorbing neoprene and a sling suspension system. The brand has seen exponential market growth with these innovative features as seen by the establishment of boutiques in Beverly Hills and on Madison Avenue in New York City. Your signature business goods deserve a warm introduction to the industry leader of luxury travel.


Authenticate Tumi

Each piece of the Tumi collection serves an ascetic, no-frills morphology of travel luxury that has a microscopic detail with a macroscopic impact on the fashionable working world. Use Real Authentication to verify the authenticity of your Tumi bags. As a consumer, you have the right to appropriate labeling and sourcing. Use services from Real Authentication to protect your consumer rights.


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