How to Authenticate tory burch

It is no secret that Tory Burch is one of the most popular, versatile, attainable brands to keep stylish in your everyday life. The designer is one of the best choices for entry-level luxury that doesn’t break the bank but also will not compromise quality.

Because of the high demand for Tory Burch, counterfeits are infiltrating the market to make a quick profit on people who might not know all the brand details and who are shopping pre-loved.

Therefore, when investing in a Tory Burch on the second-hand market, you must protect yourself by verifying its authenticity. Because details can differ based on the model and item you are looking to purchase, we always recommend protecting yourself by ensuring the authenticity of your purchase with a reputable authenticator service such as www.realauthentication.com. In the meantime, this guide to recognizing Tory Burch will help.

Tory Burch Authentication
Tory Burch Authentication


Fortunately, there are a few giveaways that you can look out for when shopping for Tory Burch items from a second-hand store, an online shop, or a friend. Get Tory Burch authentication tips and what to look out for when buying and selling pre-loved Tory. 

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tory burch DAte Code and LOGO

The zippers will all be stamped with her “TT” logo or with the full brand’s name in all-caps on the top while blank on the bottom.


Inspect tory burch Stiching


Tory Burch’s most commonly used lining will be logo-branded and is usually made with nylon that most times matches your handbag’s color.
Another detail you can look for is the stitching on your bag, which almost always matches your purse’s color. It should be even, straight and pristine throughout your entire bag.

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tory burch Authentication Details

Tory Burch uses real leather, canvas, and nylon for most of its bags’ exteriors, and they are usually crafted from a fine cross-hatching pattern texture that makes them more scratch resistant.

The silver or gold hardware Tory Burch displays on all her pieces should match in color throughout your entire handbag.

Going to a local retailer to get acquainted with what real Tory Burch material and hardware should feel and look like is always recommended when shopping pre-loved. It will help you better identify poorly made replicas that are being sold on the market.

Counterfeits are getting better and better, and it can be complicated to notice all the subtle details. The best and easiest way to avoid fraud will always be to verify authenticity with an expert service such as Real Authentication before committing to making your new luxury investment.

Here at Real Authentication, we authenticate tory burch:

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Buying and selling Tory Burch is fun and we want to keep it that way.  That’s why here at Real Authentication, we want to help you shop SAFELY and with CONFIDENCE.

We enlist the eyes of at least two professional expert authenticators and use advanced proprietary technology to verify each piece you submit for a thorough, reliable, and trusted service.

Real Authentication is here to keep you shopping with peace of mind and confidence because, after all, shopping is supposed to be FUN!

Accidentally Purchased a Counterfeit Tory Burch?

If you think you bought a fake Tory Burch handbag, shoes, or clothing,  we might be able to assist you in recovering your funds.  We are trusted by eBay, PayPal, and credit card issuers and can help you recover the money you spent on counterfeit items.

Here at Real Authentication, we think that investing in Tory Burch styles and trends is fun not scary. 


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