About Tod’s

The Tod’s luxury brand portfolio was conceived through deep familial connections to shoemaking and leatherwork beginning with the artisan and patriarch Filippo Della Valle. Filippo developed the brand beginning with a small shoe factory in Italy and led to the descendant’s takeover by Diego Della Valle. The Tod’s brand serves an endless refinement and utilitarian typology of leather that is committed to preserving the core of Italian heritage for high-quality casual footwear.


Building the Tod’s Brand

The Tod’s brand is most renowned for its sporty, easy-chic leather loafer, more specifically the Gommini Moccasin loafer. The Tod’s driving shoe adds its modern pragmatism to luxury principles with the incorporation of rugged rubber soles and studded hardware with basic solids and extravagant prints. On some occasions, you could find a design with rhinestone embellishments or exotic houndstooth patterns. The brand is also known for other leather luxury goods such as handbags and accessories. Tod’s created a unique trapezoidal Holly bag that gently encases your personal belongings with class and understated sophistication. The Tod’s brand is the keepsake that condenses Italian pride and distills it in a versatile, full-range ready-to-wear repertoire with warm, humanist intentions. The bridge between the past and the present is what makes this brand a sumptuous set abounding with elegance.


Authenticate Tod’s

The fashion archive that Tod’s bestows to the mass market makes Italian humanist ethos in design an everlasting breezeway between tradition and dynamic style. The brand has recognizable stitching and engravings that can be easily missed with an excited, untrained eye. Use Real Authentication to verify the authenticity of your Tod’s shoes, handbags and accessories.


Designer Authenticators