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Fantasy and fairytale romance come alive when you buy your loved one a piece from the Tiffany collection. Delicate romance and exquisite grace are the main priority of Tiffany & Co. The brand is so renowned that the Tiffany Blue Box has had its color code patented and trademarked. Each piece in the Tiffany collection undergoes extensive crafting sessions and quality control processes. The diamonds used by Tiffany have bypassed these criteria such that only 0.04% of diamonds in the world marketplace for gemstones deserve to be used in the Tiffany collection. Tiffany has even purchased the world’s largest yellow diamond, a 128-carat diamond worth $30 million that has only adorned a few women through the globe including Audrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce. Each piece in the Tiffany repertoire has participated in transforming the operations of the mass jewelry market.

How to Authenticate Tiffany & Co.

The Tiffany & Co. couture jewelry house has rigorous standards for their material choices, gemstones, and overall aesthetic of each piece. As expected, the iconic brand has become synonymous with marriage, love, and romance. However, fake Tiffany manufacturers will try to capitalize on unknowing consumers to bypass dupes as the original thing. Tiffany’s standards have been set so that microscopic branding has been etched throughout the facing.

Authenticate tiffany jewelry authentications

If your piece of Tiffany is true to its core, it will come with engravings that display the type of precious metal used. Those made of sterling silver will have ‘925’ marked on them. Those made with 18K gold will have ‘750’ etched on the facing. Any piece made with platinum will have ‘950’ inconspicuously engraved. You don’t have to do the vetting work by yourself. Use Real Authentication to substantiate any claims made by the seller you’ve purchased a Tiffany gem from. Real Authentication has certified and thorough documentation that will help uncover a Tiffany knockoff or replica.



About Tiffany & Co.

The famed Tiffany & Co. luxury jewelry brand was carefully developed in 1837 by 2 entrepreneurs based in New York City, Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young. These two wunderkind jewelers crafted a world-renowned specialty brand that exudes superlative craftsmanship and responsible diamond tracing. The Tiffany & Co. brand has become synonymous with delicate gemstone artistry and storytelling for monumental milestones.

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