About The Row

This luxury fashion house was established in 2006 by wunderkind media moguls Ashley Oslen and Mary-Kate Olsen. Shortly after their legendary stint in the entertainment business as the Olsen twins on Full House, the two pioneered a French inspired line of clean, ascetic streetwear pieces named for the famed Savile Row. This strip was renowned for mens streetwear that puts an irreverent spin on the typical French style of classicism. The twins have come a long way from their childhood stardom to fashion icons.


Building The Row Brand

The Olsen twins set out to create the perfect set of basics with their flagship iteration of 7 pieces that included leggings, a tank dress, and other luxurious ready-to-wear garments. The first store opened in Los Angeles around 2014 and has exponentially expanded since then to 160+ boutiques across 37 countries. The intricate attention to detail and precise sartorial selections allow the Olsen twins to sidestep the cliche French design principles to develop a simple, and uncompromising collection that emanates endless joie de vivre. Each piece of this brand deserves a spot in any indulger’s personal trousseau of modern clothing.


Authenticate The Row

The Olsen twins have injected a unique morphology in their stripped-down, straight-forward design principles. Pieces from The Row maintain an irreproducible integrity and reverence for individuality. However, many peer marketplaces can create convincing dupes with outsourced manufacturers. Ensure that your pieces from The Row are endowed with the original classic philosophies intact. Use Real Authentication to have personalized, thorough authentication services for your new wardrobe ensembles.


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