About Stuart Weitzman

This eponymous luxury brand is a rebellious and groundbreaking product of deep American shoemaking history. The brand was conceived by a patriarch, Seymour Weitzman who collaborated with his eldest son Warren to create this company. The Weitzman history began with the first iteration of collections sold at a ‘Seymour Shoes’ boutique in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Soon after the birth, the patriarch transitioned from this plane and left the business to his two sons, Warren and Stuart. Stuart Weitzman studied business at the Wharton School of Business of University of Pennsylvania and obtained his degree in 1963. With his business acumen and his brother’s traditional set of shoemaking skills, they created a luxury women’s shoe line that blended utilitarianism with high fashion.


Building the Stuart Weitzman Brand

The Stuart Weitzman shoe line has been commissioned for A-list celebrities such as Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Each piece in the Weitzman repertoire captures the enigmatic essence of femininity in due regard with nonconformist material selections. Weitzman shoes have been known to use unique materials such as wallpaper, cork, vinyl, and so on and so forth. The masterful detail crafts a nexus between comfort and meticulous style. With Weitzman, beauty does not have to be painful, and it surely doesn’t have to break the bank. The in-house ideology touts that pain defeats pragmatism necessary for a ready-to-wear garment. Most notably, the brand developed the top-notch Nearly Nude Strap Sandal that’s been featured in boutiques throughout 70 countries. As an American luxury brand, the Weitzman collection has undoubtedly formed a lasting impression on the fashion world.


Authenticate Stuart Weitzman

The Stuart Weitzman collection has a novel taste for delicate class and material selection that make the brand instantly recognizable. As a consumer, you have the right to learn the true integrity of the pieces you buy, especially with the hefty price tags that come attached. Use Real Authentication to authenticate designer footwear and allow your wardrobe to be rid of anything less than high quality. You deserve the best.


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