About Simon G

The Simon G jewelry house is a shortened eponymous label created in 1981 by Simon Ghanimian, an industrious jewel engineer with a blue collar work ethic. Simon came to America with $200 in his pocket and a vast dream of success that came into fruition through his passion for jewelry making. After he immigrated from his Armenian influences, Ghanimian sought education for engineering in New York, but found himself without the necessary funding to pay for school. A relative of his had an established career in the diamond district and offered Ghanimian a job to help save for schooling. However, Simon fell in love with jewelry making and made an esteemed career of his newfound business interest.


Building the Simon G. Brand

Simon Ghanimian later took his well-crafted jewelry making artistry to the streets and solds his designs door-to-door. The boheme and leisurely lifestyle of Los Angeles called upon him to build his flagship brick and mortar boutique. Each Simon G. piece is carefully honed with 10 microscopic quality control stations worked by seasoned jewelry artisans. The collections hold over 7 dozen designs with elegance abounding and a distinct regard for quality that will shape any monumental milestone or annual celebrations. These pieces give credence to industry and endless extraordinary to form an accessible luxury repertoire.


Authenticate Simon G.

The Simon G. collection has carefully curated an exquisite set of polished, engraved bands with exuberant gemstone encasting. The legacy that Simon Ghanimian has imprinted on the jewelry world continues to redefine the meaning of high quality and the distinct ethos behind it. Ordering pieces from unauthorized dealers can complicate the process for the luxury consumer segment. Use Real Authentication services to assure the quality of your jewelry’s handiwork.


Designer Authenticators