About Sergio Rossi

This eponymous luxury brand is the honorary reflection of Italian shoemaking tradition of luxury footwear. The homonymous owner, Sergio Rossi, founded the brand in 1951 after his father taught him the tricks of the shoemaking trade in San Mauro Pascoli. The brand is now a globally recognized fashion imprint with a history 70 years deep and an ever changing presentation. The Sergio Rossi shoe collection is for the everyday lady who wants to shine in her divine femininity. Rossi became synonymous with a vibrant and bold iteration of womanhood.


Building the Sergio Rossi Brand

Harmony of elegant typology and timelessness belie the Rossi collection of women’s footwear. Each piece in the collection exudes a dynamism in geometric pattern selections and devotion to making women feel confident and beautiful with their clothing. The brand catapulted into global fashion world fame with the Opanca line of heels, an understated audacity captured in a strapped sandal. These pieces have quickly run through each continent and garnered awe from cultures all over. A Rossi sandal could be your next wardrobe perennial.


Authenticate Sergio Rossi

Each Rossi sandal is produced with a masterful eye to detail and a deep understanding of what a woman needs in her shoe collection. Rossi has a recognizable brand ideology based on a long history of Italian luxury shoes. Use Real Authentication to ensure that your Rossi shoes have their origins certified.


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