About Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier is an eponymous Parisian fashion house with a long history of innovation and imagination that has remained unparalleled to date. Roger Vivier is an artisanal shoemaker who studied sculpture at the Paris School of Fine Arts. The 3-dimensional processes that Vivier learned in sculptural studies set the stage for his elevation of the Parisian fashion decorum with numerous inventions that shape how we view beauty now. Roger Vivier is known for inventing the stiletto heel, taking from heels presentations of the 1800s and using a slim, comma-shaped rod as the heel.


Building the Roger Vivier Brand

Roger Vivier intended to develop women’s footwear that translated art into wearable 3-dimensional articles. The eponymous launched its flagship collection with the Aiguille stiletto in 1954, and shortly after became an overnight success in the global fashion market. In the 1960s, the brand developed another novel invention, the knee-high and the thigh-high boot with delicate satin and silk fabrics. Lucrative success exponentially grew the brand’s baseline when actress Catherine Deneuve wore a Vivier artifact for the Belle de Jour film, a piece from the pilgrim pump style. Each piece from the Vivier collection beholds hand-embroidered sartory and groundbreaking vision.


Authenticate Roger Vivier

With the brand’s long history of iconic design, Vivier has left a lasting impression on the fashion world and changed the baseline Parisian aesthetic for centuries to come. Any Vivier shoe will elevate your look with deep attention to intricacy and transformation. Use Real Authentication services to ensure that your Vivier pieces hold true to its core of artisanship.


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