About Roberto Cavalli

Robert Cavalli is an Italian fashion designer from Florence, Italy who launched his eponymous luxury brand in 1972. The designer is a well-esteemed global leader in the fashion industry and has imprinted his signature statement application of exotic prints on the status quo. The Roberto Cavalli brand is part of a rebirthed standard of Italian fashion that evokes flamboyant extravagance in connection with bold sophistication. Robert Cavalli started his fashion career at the Florence Art Academy and discovered his affinity for pattern, inspired by his grandfather’s visual know-how in painting as part of the Macchiaioli group.


Building the Roberto Cavalli

The Robert Cavalli brand scorched old ground of the Italian philosophy of color and pattern to break new ground for the audacious glamor that bled directly from Cavalli’s passion and lifestyle. Each piece beholds an exotic sartorial applique and nonconformist praxis for the statuesque, cosmopolitan lady who’s unafraid of her power and assertiveness. Avant-garde statements galore, the Roberto Cavalli collection surrenders joie de vivre to the global approach to luxury. This collection is neither for the easily faint nor the coy, but for those who want to magnetize and amplify their inner power. Public figures and celebrities are privy to the reinvented standard of the Cavalli portfolio. Zendaya donned a vintage Cavalli evening gown embellished with a gold, snakelike accent along her spinal cord as she attended the french Ballon D’or ceremony in 2021. Jennifer Lopez and Lisa Hilton are amongst others who are avid believers in the Cavalli signature touch.


Authenticate Roberto Cavalli

The Roberto Cavalli brand is a one-in-a-million luxury brand that has redefined the standard of luxury fashion. The Cavalli collection absorbs art and distills it into dynamic cultural statements for the mass fashion industry to indulge. When buying and selling Cavalli, you have the right to know if they are real or fake. Use Real Authentication to authenticate your Roberto Cavalli items rise to the standard of its labeling.


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