About Rebecca Minkoff

The Rebecca Minkoff brand is an eponymous American fashion label created by a sibling duo, Rebecca Minkoff and Uri Minkoff. Rebecca Minkoff is a fashion industry leader who has captured the quintessence of nightlife in New York City through an effortlessly edgy, bohemian aesthetic. Rebecca Minkoff developed an intense fire for fashion designing when she worked in the costume department at her high school. Later, Minkoff decided that she would pave a way for a women’s fashion brand for the devout woman’s woman who has an adventurous city-girl lifestyle. This brand accurately distills women’s empowerment into her business ethos and fashion designing principles.


Building the Rebecca Minkoff Brand

Rebecca Minkoff started her brand with the $10,000 of savings she had from bat mitzvah gift money and slow building deposits. Minkoff began her fashion career with a high-risk decision to start her brand development process. The Rebecca Minkoff fashion house became a household name when actress Jenna Elfamn of “Dharma and Greg” showed up to the Tonight Show with Minkoff’s “I Love New York” t-shirt. The first collection included 5 staple pieces, but shortly after this appearance on a famous show, the Minkoff labeled exponentially project into endless fame and fortune. Each Minkoff piece evokes accessible luxury sensibilities that intertwine with party-girl edge and adventure. The cultish following the Minkoff brand has now is also due to the Morning After Bag the designer created in 2005.


Authenticate Rebecca Minkoff

Each piece of the Rebecca Minkoff portfolio exudes a strong femininity for the night owl with city-scouring escapades. Minkoff hardens the usual feminine morphology of clothing with hardware such as studs and carefully chosen leather. Use Real Authentication services to have the comfort of knowing your Rebecca Minkoff pieces are real and of high quality.


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