About Oscar de la Renta

This eponymous luxury brand house was founded by Oscar Arestides Renta Fiallo in the 1960s and holds a deep conviction to tasteful, sensual, sensible class that belies each piece. After studying painting at the Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid, Fiallo defined his esteemed fashion career with apprenticeships under world-renowned designers such as Antonio del Castillo. He freelanced his sketching to the most globally known fashion houses and from 1993-2022 became the first Dominican to design for a French design house. The Oscar de la Renta label was then birthed out of a strong desire for delicate, perennial pieces.


Building the Oscar de la Renta Brand

The first suave iteration of this luxury brand was steeped in a newfound inspiration of Russian, gypsy character. After its barrier busting inception in the 1960s, the Oscar de la Renta brand house came to see exponential growth from 5 boutiques to 75 boutiques throughout the fashion world, most notably in London and Madison Avenue in New York. The Renta house eventually expanded their portfolio to incorporate everlasting bridal wear that could become family heirlooms. Now, we’ve watched political figures, celebs, and philanthropists alike become avid wearers of the brand, especially in monumental milestones of their career. These figures include Blake Lively, Lupita Nyong’o, Kerry Washington, Janet Mock, and other A-list celebrities. First Ladies have been donning these pieces across generations. See the looks served by Michelle Obama, Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, and Jacqueline Kennedy, and essentially any figure who tends towards a delicate and sensual body contour with their choices.


Authenticate Oscar de la Renta

The Oscar de la renta brand emits an output grounded in quiet strength, vibrance, and delicate accents. The Oscar de la Renta brand is the epitome of cosmopolitan sophistication and class. A piece from this luxury brand house is sure to evoke an undying servitude to induct the wearer into time transcendence. With elite sartorial style and unfounded intricacy, buying a piece from the brand is a must for those who indulge in luxury consumption. Ensure to recalibrate your luxury wardrobe so that you only have pieces with true integrity. Use Real Authentication for all your Oscar de la Renta authentication needs so that you don’t have to reidentify your clothing yourself.


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