About Omega

The Omega luxury watchmaking brand was founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt in Bienne, Switzerland. The Swiss watch company became the predominant timekeeper with its ingenious chronometric prowess. Shortly after Louis Brandt’s death, his two sons, Louis-Paul and Cesar, took on the brand to launch it into ubiquitous success. The brand is the home of the famed Omega chronograph movement, an in-house invention that is the byproduct of hundreds of hours of quality control. An Omega watch will give the wearer, and its family, the ‘exact time for life.’ Accuracy and precision are of the utmost importance for establishing its historic reputation in the horlogerie world.


Building the Omega Brand

Watchmaking prowess from the Brandt family has been unparalleled due to its intensive quality control processes and deep history with public figures and media. Each masterpiece in the Omega collection is crafted with over 500 hours worth of handiwork, a feat that is hard to match in the industry. The Omega brand has developed a number of horlogic inventions, such as the coaxial movement in 1999 and the Labrador Caliber in 1885. These perennial timepieces were officially launched into global recognition with the support of athletes, public figures, and military troops. The British troops of the 1917 Royal Flying Corps and 1918 U.S. troops for WWII donned the Omega brand and established the true durability of their masterpieces in rugged and unpredictable environments. Omega watches have been the timekeeper for America’s Cup Yacht Race since its inception and 2022 Winter Olympics. In 1962, the astronaut Wally Schirre wore the Omega Speedmaster on the Mercury Sigma 7 Mission, the world’s first lunar landing. Three years later, NASA endowed the Omega brand with an official endorsement. The Omega brand launched itself into a profound pop culture reputation when Al Pacino wore one of the 261 models in several scenes with his character “Al Pacino.” The brand recognition grew exponentially with the appearance of the Omega Seamaster on Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond series. No other luxury watch brand can tout these same historic hallmarks.


How to Authenticate Omega

The Omega luxury watch brand has an unparalleled depth of reputation, history, and development. This collection gives deference to minutely intricate craftsmanship and tasteful, timeless aesthetics. Refinement, innovation, and noblesse find a home in this haute couture watch house. However, imitation is not flattery where luxury is concerned. Especially with its history of cultish following across the globe, Omega can be the frequent victim of mass marketed knockoffs. The deepest of Omega dupes cannot wholly finesse the microscopic attention to detail and will ultimately fail any test of authenticity. Fake Omega timepieces are used to capitalize on unsuspecting consumers and will not pay attention to the minute details in lieu of an overall identical appearance. For instance, a real Omega Speedmaster watch will have a 7-8 digit serial code, a feature that knockoff Omegas can’t substantiate even with forged documentation. Use Real Authentication to ensure that your Omega watches aren’t knockoffs. You have the right to proper labeling and sourcing. Use certified documentation from Real Authentication to protect your buying power and luxury collections.



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