About Off-White

The Off-White brand is an unforgettable rebirth of haute couture with a Black American flair of streetwear. Virgil Abloh designed his haute couture house in 2012 to redefine the gray areas of Italian fashion and to a safe space for young millennial generations to be catered to while exploring the infinitely possible avenues of streetwear ingenuity. Abloh received a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Wisconsin and his Master’s in Architecture. Shortly after his education, Abloh became a wunderkind creative director and multihyphenate for both the fashion and entertainment industries as a designer, DJ, and filmmaker. Kanye West’s DONDA collection pays deference to the legendary humanist and accessible positioning of Abloh’s signature creative direction. Abloh also became a filmmaker for musicians such as Lil Uzi Vert. The Off-White brand was born of a revolutionary mindset that continues to democratize the sartorial status quo of Italian fashion.


Building the Off-White Brand

Ablog initially kicked off his esteemed fashion career with the first iteration of his barrier busting style, Pyrex Vision. This opening collection was the first iteration of Abloh’s ambition and was piloted with Ralph Lauren shirts with an edgy, urban twist for streetwear, highly sought after by musicians like ASAP Rocky and Kanye West. Shortly thereafter, Abloh closed the brand due to criticism of the originality and redirected his ambition towards the Off-White brand that would bring the nexus of streetwear and high fashion into fruition. The Off-White brand is about making your own table and seats when you’re not given one at the existing ones in the industry. The democratization of fashion is best seen in the collaborations with millennial-loved brands such as Nike, DONDA, IKEA, and the like.


Authenticate Off-White

The Off-White brand house seeks to overturn the classicist tenets of Italian fashion by allowing those in the margins to envision a streetwear aesthetic with endless, life-breathing philosophies. Abloh’s creative vision lives beyond his physicality with LVMH and commands deep curiosity and attention to industry voids. Use services from Real Authentication to ensure that your Off-White pieces have retained their integrity in your buyer’s journey.


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