About Moschino

The Moschino luxury brand house is the eponymous namesake of Franco Moschino who created the brand in the 1980s. Franco Moschino’s family owned an iron foundry business, however, Franco envisioned a more avant-garde way of living beyond his family’s business. Moschino had an affinity for the fine arts and set out to become a painter. Throughout his schooling at the Academy of Fine Art, Moschino sought work with famous high-end fashion brands and magazines to offset the costs. After his 6 year stint as an Illustrator at a well-known Italian fashion house, Moschino birthed his company’s namesake collection.


Building the Moschino Brand

The Moschino brand is an ingenious redirection that unravels the Italian dogma of fashion ideals. Moschino touts a nonconformist conviction that gives credence to the strategically unusual, to bold individuality, and the eclecticism of off-kilter modernism in the fashion world. Global cultish following of the 150 boutiques and satellite brands pioneered a mischievous whim and high-end cheekiness that has trickled into contemporary celebrity culture. Celebs and political figures alike have eagerly donned and incorporated these eccentric pieces. The Moschino camp includes entertainers like Gwen Stefani, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Patti Labelle, and Madonna. You could also find figures like Princess Diana, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lauren Conrad, and Kylie Jenner in a fearless Moschino piece.


Authenticate Moschino

Though Franco Moschino has passed from complications with cancer and cardiovascular ailments, his conviction and ingenuity live on through each namesake piece in the brand house. The Moschino house has carefully curated an homage to the brazen and the hypermodern facets of Italian fashion. Each intricacy commands respect and awe unlike the bulk of fashion that exists today. Use Real Authentication services to ensure that your pieces tout the true identity and ethos of the Moschino brand.


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