About Montblanc

The first iteration of the luxurious travel and leisure goods was originally developed in 1906 by Alfred Nehemias and August Eberstein. Then, at a later time, the brand was picked up by three entrepreneurs: Wilheim Dziambor, Christian Lusen, and Claus Johannes Voss. After this change in leadership, the brand became a distinguished figure in the world of travel goods, leisure merchandise, and leather work. The collection from Montblanc has an unparalleled set of utilitarian and disciplined morphology evoking an ascetic ethos that is often-imitated by manufacturers with craftsmanship of lesser quality.

Building the Montblanc Brand

After its inception, this brand established its first brick-and-mortar boutique in Hamburg, Germany, the origin of its This haute couture line of horlogerie and leisure pieces intertwine the austere, old-world craftsmanship with contemporary functionality. Each piece in the Montblanc collection is a purposeful piece of storytelling that will elevate your family narrative and heirloom repertoire. Your personal trousseau of writing instruments and travel aids will also reap the benefits of the sustainability ethos. Resplendent and sumptuous, these souvenirs and daily instruments stand the test of time and complement any pragmatic, savvy traveler. The Meisterstruck pen is the flagship item that launched the line into profound success. This technical, experience-focused pen has been seen in the hands of public figures, politicians, and philanthropists such as Barack Obama, Johnny Depp, Donald Trump, Diane Keaton, and Queen Elizabeth II. With this cultish following from around the globe there’s no doubt that these masterful pieces have been crafted with only the state-of-the-art ingenuity that could be passed down from its originators. The Montblanc ethos is also reflected through its sister brands Cartier, Van Clut + Arpels, and Chloe. Montblanc has expanded throughout the world to 638 boutiques as of 2021.

How to Authenticate Montblanc

These sensible, no-nonsense articles have a specific morphology with fine characteristics that can be neglected by those who manufacture Montblanc fakes. The original Meisterstuk Montblanc pen has a serial number under the pen clip that consists of 2 digits and 7 letters. Montblanc lookalikes are most likely not made with this microetching that a trained authenticator will be able to catch. Your haute couture leather travel pieces from Montblanc are only made with full-grain calfskin unlike other common products. To buy your second hand products with confidence, ensure that the items you purchase are not luxury fakes or replicas. Use certified documentation from Real Authentication to verify that your luxury purchases deserve to be in your collection.



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