About Michele

The Michele watch brand was founded in the 1940s, initially with the quality-supremacist ethos of Maurice Barouh, a Belgian watchmaker and the patriarch of the brand. Maurice Barouh instilled the value of watchmaking integrity and excellence into his son, Jack, who collaborated with his wife Rita to create the full-range Michele luxury watch brand. Jack and Rita Barouh launched the earliest collection with the name of their eldest daughter, Michele. Later, the family took their operations to Latin America and the Michele brand fame began.


Building the Michele Brand

Jack and Rita Barouh designed their opening collection specifically for children using an exuberant and colorful scheme that created a new in-crowd for the brand. The children’s timepieces were exquisite enough to become staples on the runway and set the stage for their later success. The opening collection served as the connection between pragmatic utility and brilliant sophistication using the CSX-Diamond Chronograph. Each timepiece stands the test of time with its scratch-resistant and water-resistant celebration of life’s milestones that intermingle with the signature Swiss movement. A collectible, the Michele CSX collection will be an integral piece of a family heirloom collection. These are the bestsellers: 1) the Michele Women’s Deco Diamond watch, 2) the Michele Women’s Navy Tahitian two-toned watch in 18k gold on a jelly band, and 3) the Michele Deco Madison timepiece with swiss quartz and two-toned stainless steel.


Authenticate Michele

The Michele watches and timepieces touts a philosophy of brilliant yet wholesome full-energy timelessness to be indulged by the luxury consumer segment. The average, naked eye cannot differentiate a Michele original from a well-crafted dupe. In the mass market of instant gratification, the two can easily be sold as interchangeable timepieces. Use services from Real Authentication to reveal the true integrity of the luxury watches in your collection.

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