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This eponymous luxury fashion house was founded by German actor and model, Michael Cromer, in 1976. Cromer studied economics in Germany and developed his luxury brand idea shortly after using the abbreviation for “Michael Cromer Munich.” The philosophy of rugged individualism and utter perfection ooze from each masterfully created piece in this collection. The MCM brand has a longstanding history with public figures of the emerging pop culture of its time. MCM became a raging success in the 1980s with the establishment of Hip-Hop artistry and Disco music. From its inception, the MCM brand has sustained a cultish following that has defiantly marked its territory in the world of accessible haute couture fashion.


Building the MCM Worldwide Brand

The MCM brand is a time capsule of neo-classical masterpieces that streamline mainstream popularity with ostentatious personality. At the height of its success in the 1980s, MCM became the predominant luxury fashion brand for public figures such as Diana Ross, Rakim, Eric B, LL Cool J, Jay-Z, and Salt-N-Pepa. As Black American culture developed in the mainstream media, so did the MCM Worldwide brand. As it stands, MCM is still unabashedly donned by celebrities such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Big Sean, Tyga, Rihanna, Jourdan Dunn, Paris Hilton, and Gigi Hadid. Each piece in this timeless selection exude a fierce flamboyance for only the assertive and bold consumer. Throughout the collection, you will find the Cognac Visetos brand printed on each product, a feature that makes the brand recognizable across the world. Any piece from MCM shares a story of visibility, perfection, and distinctiveness.


How to Authenticate MCM Worldwide

The MCM brand has an ethos that can hardly be finessed with accuracy through third party manufacturers. The collection has a full-range of wardrobe items including streetwear, accessories, bags, and so on and so forth. With advanced technology in manufacturing in the new age of instant fashion, dupes can easily be priced similarly to the original with lower quality and attention to detail. For instance, to authenticate an MCM handbag, one must thoroughly inspect the shape, form, and structure of the handbag. An authentic MCM handbag or backpack will not deflate or otherwise lose form when lying on a flat surface since it will be made with premium materials. A knockoff MCM handbag or backpack will fold in on itself because of cheaper materials. An MCM replica will likely miss minute details of the logo. The MCM logo with its original character will have an odd number of bay leaves in the wreath with ‘Munchen’ underneath. If your bag is missing this intricate detail, it is most likely a cheaper look alike or knockoff from an unknown manufacturer. Often-imitated and never surpassed, the original MCM integrity can be vetted by our trusted and well-crafted authentication process. Use Real Authentication to ensure that your handbag, backpack, or other item is not a MCM dupe.

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