About Max Mara

Max Mara is an Italian fashion house developed by Achille Maramotti as an ode to formality, poise, and grace. Achlle Maramotti was born into a privileged family who now runs the business. Interestingly enough, Maramotti did not have any formal training in design, visuals, or textiles given that she studied law at the University of Parma. Maramotti began designing couture in 1947 and later employed fashion giants such as Karl Lagerfield and Anne Marie Beretta.The Max Mara brand was inspired by a stylish local drunkard and her family namesake that gives way to fancied elegance and understated femininity.


Building the Max Mara Brand

The Max Mara brand is a powerhouse design brand that infuses a dynamic conscience with soft and delicate morphology for the young, contemporary woman. Each piece of the collection is part of a diversified, full-range portfolio of sensual pathos mingling with a utilitarian modern glamor. Any woman can feel like a more established, more self-actualized version of themselves when their silhouette is skimmed by an easy-chic garment. The Max Mara brand serves as a visually rigorous bildungsroman for the global fashion dialogue concerning young women. Each carefully designed morsel of the brand’s selection serves a deep fusion of taste and disciplined, glamorous mystique.


Authenticate Max Mara

Maramotti injected a deep deference for understated glamor and fresh, crisp formality that no other designer has exemplified. Unlike the rest, the Max Mara’s positioning breathes a new life into formal and easy-chic ready-to-wear selections of garments and accessories. Use Real Authentication to differentiate your pieces from the cheap mass of dupe available. Protect the heart of your luxury collection.


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