About Marni

The Marni brand was founded by Consuelo Castiglioni in Milan, Italy circa 1994. Conseulo Castiglioni is a Swiss born founder and creative director, interestingly enough, without formal education in fashion, design, or textiles. The prestiged Castiglioni family previously had full control of a fur business, and the Marni brand simply fell under their group before being bought out and reorganized with a new creative director. Castiglioni collaborated with her then husband to develop a Swiss-inspired Italian brand that celebrated individuality that deviated from the baseline of the tight-tailored and clean cut Italian fashion industry.


Building the Marni Brand

The Marni brand is known for its unique flair that embraces the intersection of avant-garde class and quirky class. Pieces from Marni are playfully chic with a warm, humanist ethos from the experimental homegrown philosophy of print and color. Each collection carefully bends the existing discourse of the art world, redefining the place of personality in diametric opposition to Italian fashion status quo. Marni presents their antithetical approach to design through a ready-to-wear collection for all genders and age groups and accessories with a punch that commands respect and curates inquisitive fascination. The Marni brand uses its minimalist charm to develop a visual lexicon of unique, classical rigor that appeals to a general cult of average folks and celebrities such as the following: the rapper Common, Meryl Streep, Gigi Hadid, Tianna Rose Saint, Jacob Banks, Billie Eilish, and Kendall Jenner.


Authenticate Marni

The Marni brands bestows an unfounded expression of Italian fashion that cannot be duplicated with an untrained eye. Marni is a ceremonial repertoire of individuality and bold contouring that deserves the full respect of the purchasing process. Use Real Authentication to ensure that the heart of Marni pieces meet you with its native nonconformist character intact.


Designer Authenticators