About Mark Cross

Mark Cross is an American luxury brand originally established in 1845 by a Boston-bred leatherworker, Henry W. Cross. He started the brand by producing intricately curated leatherwork for equestrians. These early pieces included leather garments such as bridles, saddles, and harnesses. The first iteration of the Mark Cross brand ended up closing and was later acquired in the late 1800s by Patrick Murphy. The Mark Cross still champions the leather craftsmanship through fine-crafted utilitarian totes that quietly mingle with your valuables.


Building the Mark Cross Brand

The Mark Cross brand has a deep American history that has been recently resurrected by Neal J. Fox, an Italian manufacturer who uses the same companies originally commissioned by the brand decades prior. The Rear Window bag is the signature iteration of the historic brand that was commissioned by the filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock for his film Rear Window. Hitchcock acquired a Mark Cross bag for actress Grace Kelly as an overnight bag in a famous scene. The overnight bag exuded technical pragmatism, an understated tonal style, and a classic pathos.


Authenticate Mark Cross

The Mark Cross Rear Window bag is a cultural staple that has a laser-focus on the function and pure, ethereal typology. Mark Cross bags and accessories have specific brand insignias, and atypically light debossed branding that signal the brand’s mark of authenticity. These bags are softly cocooned into the supple, weathered, full-grained Saffiano calfskin leather. The utilitarian philosophy of these bags are characterized by water-resistance, delicate cross-hatch printing, and top-notch vegetable tanned leather. Download the Real Authentication app to ensure your Mark Cross bags and garments have the proper brand signals for your luxury collection.


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