About Mansur Gavriel

This trend-setting Italian brand was established in 2013 by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, a design duo with playful fashion intentions. Rachel Mansur graduated with a degree in textiles from Rhode Island School of Design while Floriana Gavriel studied design at the University of the Arts Bremen in Germany. The two met at a concert and immediately clicked with their similar background, aesthetic, and insight on the handbag industry. At the time, they both desired a handbag line at contemporary, affordable pricing with value that didn’t decline over the years. They teamed up to create the Mansur Gavriel label.


Building the Mansur Gavriel

The Mansur Gavriel label was created out of a fresh, modern perspective on the luxury experience. Each handbag from the Mansur Gavriel line is born from vegetable tanning processes that elevate the quality and value of the piece. Vegetable tanning is the process of using plant tannins to turn animal hide into leather, as opposed to the cheaper means of chrome or synthetic tanning. This process is more expensive and more exclusive given that vegetable tanned leather only accounts for 10% of leather products in the mass market. The vegetable tanned leather lays the stage for unfussy designs and naturally, artful movement in the leather work of utilitarian totes. The Mansu Gavriel line promotes a renewed discourse surrounding the philosophy of luxury and quality such that a select in-crowd has found the brand to carry the it-bag of post-recession times. A well-known French blogger, Garance Dore, acclaimed the Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag (in the Flamma color finish) as the top-flight bag of the present. Mansur Gavriel then walked into unforeseen success, from Birkin-like waitlist lengths to 100% sell-throughs for each launch.


Authenticate Mansur Gavriel

The Mansur Gavriel team has a unique school of thought for hue, material quality, and handbag morphology. Each bag is created with a barrier busting design that is thoughtfully curated with processes that are unparalleled for women’s leather products. The prices are already affordable for their consumer segment, however, you can be tempted into acquiring dupes that hold no value or have poor quality. With services from Real Authentication, you can be sure that your Mansur Gavriel products fit in with the rest of your luxury collection. Download our app and see if you have a dupe or an original.


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