About Manolo Blahnik

Manuel Blahnik Rodriguez developed an eponymous footwear brand in Chelsea, London in the year 1970. Rodriguez has no formal training in textiles, fashion design, or illustration. He started a career in law with his studies at the University of Geneva where he majored in Politics and Law. Later, he discovered a newfound interest and switched his major to Literature and Architecture. He obtained his degree in 1963 and pivoted towards the arts in his second studies in art at Ecole des Beaux-Art and stage set design at the Louvre Art School. The Manolo Blahnik collection is a ubiquitous luxury line with a bold sensuality unmatched by other luxury brand houses.


Building the Manolo Blahnik Brand

The Manolo heels are a bold deviation from the trends in the height of their fame. When mainstream media pushed thick, chunky heels, Manolo pushed slim, sleek stilettos. Each piece in the Blahnik shoe collection displays the passion for dynamic, individualist femininity. The driving force towards the international fashion hall of fame is the female form. Women should feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable in their bodies and with their clothing choices. Blahnik breaks down the barrier to self-actualization. The Manolo heel is born of an optimizing ethos, not a maximalist one. Optimal beauty is one that is full of sex appeal and dynamism.


Authenticate Manolo Blahnik

The optimizing philosophy of beauty is specific to the Manolo way of shoe craftmanship. The Spanish fashion designer breathed a new version of femininity into the world of women’s footwear. The Manolo shoe has a very specific presentation that can easily be missed by the average consumer. Use Real Authentication to authenticate Manolo Blahnik shoes, especially if you’ve bought them at secondhand thrift shops or peer-to-peer marketplaces online.


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