About Maison Margiela

In 1988, the Belgian Martin Margiela founded his eponymous luxury haute couture fashion house to present artisanal catwalk-ready and daily wear garments to the rest of the world. Martin Margiela began his fashion career as a prodigal graduate of the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts prior to freelancing his design work for 5 years. He worked in-house at the Hermes brand and later worked under Jean-Paul Gaultier who guided him throughout his esteemed launch into fashion . Maison Margiela is now paradoxically a world-renowned and enigmatic omnipresence in the fashion industry.


Building the Maison Margiela Brand

Maison Margiela has a deconstructivist perspective with provocative leanings towards a deep mystique. The brand communications for the Margiela brand have redefined fame into a highly visible, yet closed-off and aloof means of presenting collections and responding to press. There’s even an underlying eco-luxury appeal towards the early developments with recycled materials and anatomized combinations. Margiela has even had a nameless white label that eventually created a cult-like following for those who knew how to accurately interpret the style. The globally-curated, avant-garde presentation leaves much for the mind to decipher.


Authenticate Maison Margiela

The Maison Margiela couture brand has its own unorthodox psyche, uncharacteristic of a typical haute couture fashion house. From experimental simplicity to progressive enigma, Margiela has made its mark on the fashion world. Here at Real Authentication, we want your luxury experience to be raw and original to the brand’s character. Download our app so that we can substantiate the labeling claims of your garments.


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