About Lagos

Steven Lagos developed a jewelry brand with respect to fine, high-class art that can be personally possessed and indispensable. Steven Lagos began his journey of jewelry creation when he was 19 years old and later developed his eponymous brand from travel inspiration. Lagos used his experiences abroad to absorb cultural exchange that is now distilled into luminous gemstone masonry and extraordinary engravings. The Lagos jewelry brand is the purest summation of bold feminine expression.


Building the Lagos Brand

Steven Lagos uses the fine jewelry brand to disseminate nostalgia through layered and stacked wearable sculptures. The brand takes 58-facets of diamond-born brilliance to exude unfounded adventure in their earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces. The Lagos brand became world-renowned with the debut of the Caviar collection. This collection features classically intricate metal beading with brilliant bracing from the Lagos approved diamond. The Small Single Station Diamond Circle Caviar Bracelet exemplifies the transcendence of time, space, and optics. Create new memories or refresh older ones with a Lagos piece in your jewelry box.


Authenticate Lagos

The Lagos brand of jewelry has an extensive handcrafted manufacturing process for their Caviar collection. Some online markets can attempt to reproduce the same brilliance but Steven Lagos has carefully created a pathos within each piece that meet certain criteria. Real Authentication takes care of the luxury eligibility so you won’t have to worry about your sourcing. You deserve the absolute best when you pay your good money. Download the Real Authentication app now and start your authentication journey.


Designer Authenticators