How to Authenticate kate spade

If you love colors and fun patterns, Kate Spade might be the perfect brand for you. It’s no wonder that Kate Spade is so popular; the brand sells many items, including handbags, home decor, clothing, and accessories.
As you can imagine, however, with this popularity replicas are to be expected. That is why when shopping pre-loved Kate Spade, we recommend investing a small amount to verify its authenticity with a reputable authenticator service such as www.realauthentication.com

Kate Spade Authentication
Kate Spade Authenticators


Fortunately, there are a few giveaways that you can look out for when shopping for Kate Spade from a second-hand store, an online shop, or a friend.

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kate spade DAte Code and LOGO

Kate Spade’s logo is usually the most common giveaway when trying to spot a counterfeit; you will see that lower-cased “kate spade” will be written on the first line and on the second line, in the same font and size, you should see “NEW YORK” with the “N” matching up with the “t” in “kate spade” written above.


Inspect kate spade Stiching


The stitching, which usually matches the overall color of the bag, should be straight, clean, and evenly spaced, and the lining of your design should match this consistent style of stitching.

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kate spade Authentication Details

Although Kate Spade uses many different materials to create its pieces, the first thing you should notice is your design’s quality. Whether made from Saffiano leather or canvas, you will be able to detect the precise attention to detail when it comes to the finishing touches. The hardware will be either silver or gold and consistent in color throughout the entire handbag as well as feel heavy and high-quality.

If you’re new to investing in luxury designs, we recommend you visit a retailer that offers Kate Spade designs for sale. You can touch, feel and even smell the garment or accessory to familiarize yourself with how an authentic Kate Spade feels and looks. This will help you while you shop pre-loved to identify counterfeits.

That in mind, even those who have been shopping luxury brands for years can be fooled by close counterfeit products. We can help. By investing a small amount with us prior to your purchase, you can protect yourself from fraud and ensure that your investment is sound.

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You don’t have to worry whether the excitement of shopping luxury brands will end up hurting your wallet. Your Real Authentication is done safely by trained professionals who have years of experience in identifying designer products.

We will connect you with a minimum of two authenticators who will use advanced and proprietary technology to evaluate the authenticity of your product. In a hurry? That’s okay! We offer one-hour service as well as 12-hour. Each order is guaranteed authenticated within 24 hours.

Real Authentication is recognized by PayPal and eBay as a reputable authenticator. That means that if you’ve already fallen victim to fraud, you can count on us to advocate for you to regain your funds.

Real Authentication is here to help make your Kate Spade shopping experience relaxing and exciting! Don’t worry about the authenticity of your product; contact us and take the guesswork out of your shopping!

Accidently Purchased a Counterfeit kate spade?

Have you already bought a counterfeit design? Don’t worry – we can help. We are trusted by eBay, PayPal and credit card issuers and can help you recover the money you spent on counterfeit items.

Here at Real Authentication, we think that investing in designer fashions should be fun. Connect with us and take the guesswork out of shopping for luxury brands.


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