About Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant is an award-winning French fashion designer who was born in Boulogne-Billancourt, France in 1967. Marant was born to a German mother and French father and set out to begin a fashion career after being raised with her YSL-crazed stepmother. Marant initially studied economics in university but then switched to design. As a child, Marant felt unnoticeable without stand-out clothing. She eventually came to develop a cult-like following when pioneering a refreshed perspective on French fashion that was geared more towards energetic flows and slightly masculine presentation.


Building the Isabel Marant Brand

The Isabel Marant brand is the pinnacle of contemporary French fashion. The pieces carefully intertwine understated femininity with a playful, androgynous nonchalance. The Marant ethos is that of a carefree boheme that’s displayed in relaxed, low viscosity fabric choices. Strong self-determination is underlined throughout the modern clothing architecture. Isabel Marant has been awarded the Award de la Mode in 1997, the Whirlpool Award for Best Female Designer, and the Elle Style Award in 2014 since her debut in 1994. The Isabel Marant ethique is mirrored on celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, and Alexa Chung.


Authenticate Isabel Marant

The swag that Isabel Marant bleeds into her collections are hard to beat in other avenues of French fashion. Many secondhand boutiques and fast fashion websites can make cheaper dupes that look enticing to an unsuspecting consumer. However, Real Authentication can take away the stress of building a luxury wardrobe. Ensure that your pieces have the proper seams, stitching, and quality with our rigorous verification process.


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