About Herve Leger

The Herve Leger fashion brand is a near-eponymous collection of pieces created by the late Herve Peugnet (1957-2017). Peugnet started his career as a 23 year old and created his own collection of signature bandage dresses as a tangible ceremony for the voluminous gravity of womanhood. The Leger dresses create a new and fresh perspective on the presentation of beauty. Peugnet initially named his collections with his original surname, however, long-standing mentorship with Karl Lagerfield, a quasi-deity in fashion, advised to change his functional surname of Leger.


Building to Herve Leger

The Herve Leger collection gives way to a new found self-possession in the everyday woman. Each collection forms a full-range, variegated set of garments that softly lift and sculpt the body into an unforgettable silhouette. This signature style is noted across garment selections such as bodysuits, jumpsuits, tops, and skirts. The Leger’s eco-luxury conscience transcends generations and can be seen replicated in our modern world of instant, meretricious fashion aesthetics.


Authenticate Herve Leger

The Herve Leger brand has a vintage rigor for sculpting and defining womanly curves. However, with easy accessibility to peer-to-peer marketplaces, Leger’s signature style and ethos can easily be counterfeited. If you download the Real Authentication app, you can be assured that your wardrobe and consumer rights will be protected. Real Authentication does the dirty work for you.


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