About Giorgio Armani

The Armani fashion group was founded by a young Giorgio Armani in Milan, Italy, circa 1975. Armani is the current CEO and sole shareholder for his luxury fashion house that staved into the fashion industry with an implosive impact. In his youth, Giorgio Armani attended medical school in Italy but withdrew his academic position 2 years later to start working on his vision for fashion. Later, Armani started off his esteemed career as a buyer at an Italian brand, La Rinascente. This unorthodox pivot launched Armani into an unforeseen fame that now extended throughout 37 countries and dozens of specialty satellite fashion houses.


Building the Giorgio Armani Brand

The Armani ethos delineates feminine strength through unusually hardened fabric choices for women and softer, more relaxed shapes for men. Giorgio Armani transformed the fashion industry by making deliberate, bold, and strategic choices towards androgyny. The Armani brand streamlines the gender spectrum through its effortless combination of strict, disciplined power and romantic contours. Fragrances mingle with distant memories, handbags lend themselves as stylish and humble servants, and time-transcending watches. Each available piece in the Armani collection builds upon the first iteration to carefully construct a style lexicon that redefines precision and grace towards a mass appeal. Infinite possibilities exist within the Armani haute couture fashion house. Self-possession from an Armani piece is the key to the best version of yourself.


Authenticate Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani has strict criteria for its high-quality and minutely detailed garments. As a consumer, you have the fundamental right to proper and accurate labeling and sourcing. The brand itself has its own brand protection mechanism. However, if you are the recipient of secondhand Armani or have ordered online through a 3rd party, use Real Authentication to validate the characteristics of your garments. Download the app today.


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