About Furla

Furla is an Italian collection of handbags and accessories that target the accessible luxury consumer segment. The brand was founded in 1927 by Aldo Furlanetto who was born in Bologna, Italy and dedicated his luxury house to refinement and function as elements of beauty. The Furla brand uses their neofuturistic and eco-luxury praxis to craft a high-quality luxury experience for each customer and uplift modest beauty for everyone, not just those at the very top of the pecking order. Aldo Furlaettto established his first brick and mortar boutique in 1955, and from there expanded into an omnipresent distributor with 1,600 employees and dozens of boutiques that focus on standardized training and mentorship.


Building the Furla Brand

Furla handbags are easily identified by the pragmatic arches and crisp european demeanor that hold your daily valuables as you go through life. Color explosions, rigorous intricacies, and profound modesty underline each piece of the Furla experience. High-spirited floral prints bloom from your arm and animate the bags into renewed modernized character. Solids arrive with a sweet strength packed into their understated structure. With a Furla bag or accessory, anyone can have beauty and quality at their fingertips.


Authenticate Furla

Furla has a unique morphology in their creations that have developed a signature style and means of delivering a high-end customer experience. The ethos of Furla is unparalleled for brands in its segment and should be protected with the proper authentication techniques. Here at Real Authentication, we do the probing for you. Download our app now and you can access personalized services that allow you ensure your Furla pieces got to you with the promised


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