How to Authenticate fendi

Fendi, the 1925 Roman brand, is back in style and stronger than ever. The iconic FF monogram bags, also known as the Zucca print, are trending across all of your favorite fashionistas’ wishlists. The “Zucca” print, first introduced by the brand in the late ’90s, continues to be a staple in many dream closets today.

Because of the increase in popularity and demand of Fendi styles, counterfeiters jump on the opportunity to profit and monetize on the brand’s success. They spread fake Fendi’s throughout the market, and sometimes these counterfeits can be hard to distinguish. That’s why, when investing in a pre-loved or vintage Fendi, there are many things you need to take into consideration before assuming its authenticity.

Today we want to share a few tips from the experts to help you make a decision, but as you might imagine, it takes years of experience to authenticate the Fendi brand to make an accurate statement confidently. We recommend investing a small amount to verify authenticity of your Fendi goods with a reputable authenticator service such as www.realauthentication.com

Fendi Authentication Services
Authenticate Fendi


When buying and selling Fendi at a second-hand store, an online shop, or a friend, there are a few key authenticator indicators for Fendi. 

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fendi DAte Code and LOGO

The FF logo and print should feature the left “F” standing upright and the right “F” upside down; they should never touch on any pattern and be of equal distance. Additionally, the smaller line in the letter should never line up with the other one facing it.

One more item to note is that if you have the Zucca pattern or FF print on the outside of your bag, your lining should not match it.

Newer Fendi bags (and some other items) have an RFID fabric tag with 8 digits sewn on it. This chip contains a wireless chip that can be scanned for all of the bag’s info. The microchip chip replaced the hologram tag they previously used back in the early 2000s.

Be extra vigilant, because even these RFID tags can be counterfeited. You can also look for (except for vintage bags) an embossed digit serial number comprised of dashed separated numbers and letters which are found on a narrow leather tag, in the corner of the bag, or near a seam.


Inspect fendi Stiching


A real Fendi bag is made with luxurious quality and materials. It will never feel cheap to the touch. Instead, it should feel heavy and sturdy, making it easy for the piece to maintain its shape over time.

Stitching should be relatively consistent throughout the piece and never shiny or glossy in appearance.

Fendi’s quality stitching is a notable part of the brand’s quality. Your bag’s stitching should look pristine, even in spacing on both the inside and the outside of your bag, and the thread should match the color of the primary material.

You can also look for (except for vintage bags) an embossed digit serial number comprised of dashed separated numbers and letters which are found on a narrow leather tag, in the corner of the bag, or near a seam.

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fendi Authentication Details

Fendi’s hardware is made of a recognizable superior quality the brand is known for and is usually engraved with the brand’s logo.

Of course, it can be very difficult to notice the subtle differences between a real Fendi and a fake Fendi. That’s why it makes sense to work with a Fendi expert like Real Authentication. By investing a small amount in our expert service, you can protect yourself – and your investment – from fraud.

Fendi Authentication Services 

If you’re serious about investing in designer bags, clothing and other luxury items, you may have some doubts about your ability to determine what’s real and what’s not. You don’t ever have to worry anymore. Real Authentication will connect you with a minimum of two professionals who will closely examine your purchase to offer a reliable and trustworthy assessment.

If you’re just now learning about our service and have already fallen victim to counterfeiters, please contact us today. We can assist you in regaining your funds with PayPal, eBay or your credit card issuer. Shopping for Fendi is a fun and thrilling experience, but you can’t leave your purchase to chance. Reach out to Real Authentication today and allow us to assist you with a safe purchase.

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