About Emilio Pucci

This eponymous luxury brand was developed by Emilio Pucci, an Italian fashion designer and heir to a family of aristocratic nobles. The late Emilio Pucci died in 1992 and widowed his haute couture house to the rest of the world. After forceful immigration due to run-ins with tortuous political gestapo, Pucci studied Agriculture at the University of Georgia in the city of Athens. Shortly after graduating from his MA program, Pucci created his first iteration of the fashion line as commissioned by the Reed College Skiing Team. Pucci then carved a legacy out of the newfound one-piece design for professional ski team uniforms. The Pucci line expanded into swimwear, and later into separate boutiques per mentorship from Neiman Marcus.


Building the Emilio Pucci Brand

Emilio Pucci crafted his couture fashion house to deviate from the status quo and develop a new quirky standard that’s steeped in fantasy and whim. This avant-garde house of fashion beholds the imperfections of shape and color with a kaleidoscopic lens that captures the essence of the transient moment. Each piece of the collection is new diction for the secret language underlining the core of the Pucci brand. This brand puts high-spirits and funk at the forefront of womanhood where it had been previously ignored.


Authenticate Emilio Pucci

The Emilio Pucci collections are hard to reproduce without tactical expertise and eclectic vision. However, some online avenues may create convincing look-alikes with similar pricing. Make sure you get your money’s worth and use the Real Authentication app to verify the creations before your window for returns ends.


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