About Elie Tahari

Elie Tahari is an Isareli designer who immigrated to the United States with $100 in his pocket and a larger-than-life vision for the highly desired American Dream. Once Tahari reached New York, Tahari began his career in fashion as a keen observer of a clothing boutique while operating in his capacity as an electrician. At the same time, Tahari used his extra time to moonlight extraneous jobs throughout the historic Greenwich Village district. Tahari used his immersive, yet sidelined insight as the basis for pivoting into fashion with an eponymous luxury clothing brand that created a lasting legacy for the last 45 years.


Building the Elie Tahari Brand

Elie Tahari distilled his immigration experience into masterful fabric used for strict, clean, and disciplined shapes for women’s clothing. The Tahari brand intermingles feminine strength with soft sophistication to construct fresh, chic body skimming contours for the everyday professional lady. These bespoke staples from the Tahari brand expanded their understanding of understated poise such that 600 boutiques across 40 countries now stand to empower women globally. Elie Tahari has also been recognized by New York City with the ultimate honor of having a designated ‘Elie Tahari Day’ starting on September 4, 2013.


Authenticate Elie Tahari

Elie Tahari carefully curates a high-esteemed, modern, and classy aesthetic that can only be reflected from an Israeli immigrant with regimental approach to fashion for the street and for work. Oftentimes, luxury buyers can be manipulated into buying their favorite brands at lower prices (or similar prestige pricing, at worst) but with less attention to detail. You can download the Real Authentication app today and find out if your luxe wardrobe consists of any dupes using our thorough means of verification.


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