About Diane von Furstenberg

The founder of the Diane von Furstenberg, born to an Auschwitz survivor as Diane Simone Michele Halfin, came into prominence in the fashion world from her signature use of the wrap-style dresses and blouses. With this innovative signature wrap, Furstenberg has left an impactful imprint in women’s fashion avenues.


Building the Diane von Furstenberg Brand

The Belgian founder met and married the Austro-Italian Prince Egon zu Furstenberg prior to starting her career in fashion. After her marriage, she set out to create a namesake for herself and started her fashion journey in modeling. The eponymous luxury brand dots the New York fashion scene with captivating craftsmanship that empowers the celebration of womanliness with confidence and pride. Each seasonal collection is released as a renewed ode to femininity and infinitely-possible bold distinctions that softly bind around womanly shaping. Furstenberg’s internationally renowned handiwork and esteemed fashion career has been visibly appreciated with the induction into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in September of 2019.


Authenticate Diane von Furstenberg

The Diane von Furstenberg house of wrap fashion has been produced as a result of chic geometry and a soft sensibility towards the aesthetic virtues of womanhood. Clothing from Diane von Furstenberg has a distinct taste for waist-snatching shapes and complex detail that can be missed with an untrained eye. However, counterfeit purchases can be avoided when you use the Real Authentication app to verify the details in lieu of the DIY research treatment.


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