About David Yurman

The eponymous brand was crafted by the world-renowned sculptor, David Yurman, and his iconic wife, Sybil Yurman. Sybil Yurman is a famed painter within her own right and lent her prestiged aesthetic discernment to collaborate with her husband on brand development. The brand was founded in 1980, years after the 15 year old David Yurman apprenticed under Ernesto Gonzalez, a Cuban sculptor and welder. Shortly after his apprenticeship in NYC and a 1-year stent of studies at NYU, David Yurman succumbed to his wanderlust and hitchhiked from Bronx, New York to Big Sur, California to participate in the Beatnik and San Francisco Renaissance movements.

Building the David Yurman Brand

The David Yurman brand has been a pioneering force for the new age of jewelry making and innovation. Each piece in the David Yurman collection exudes a delicate ethos towards the exquisite while maintaining a well-recognized motif with the cable bracelet. The flagship cable jewelry design was birthed in 1982 and consisted of a double-helixed metal base dotted with precious gemstones. The Yurman duo even crafted the cushion cut specifically for their Albion collection. Intertwining the tradition of American jewelry craftsmanship with a classically elegant twist, the Yurmans developed a brand that thrust them into world-wide recognition. The Yurmans were awarded two patents and were chosen as one of the first 12 jewelers to present an exhibition at the New Designer Gallery at the Retail Jewelers of America Show in New York City. The first iteration of this exhibit created an unprecedented connection between retailers and merchandisers and artisans. Aside from the industry exhibits, the David Yurman brand has been seen on public figures such as Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Naomi Watts, Chanel Iman, Regina King, Angelina Jolie, and Joan Smalls. These 3-dimensional wearable, perennial sculptures continue to exude masterful handiwork and time transcendence.

How to Authenticate David Yurman

Pieces from the David Yurman brand are often imitated in the mass market but typically the character of these pieces cannot surpass the original integrity provided by the Yurman house itself. When buying from unreputable businesses or marketplaces, it can be difficult to discern whether the piece you’ve purchased is a David Yurman replica or not. There are a few ways that are hallmarks of fake David Yurman jewelry. A David Yurman dupe will likely have sharp edges due to poor and sloppy soldering techniques that can’t match up to the decades of experience from David Yurman himself. If you’ve bought a David Yurman look alike will also feel lighter than an original piece since cheaper materials are more readily available than those used in the David Yurman collection. Moreover, a David Yurman piece will have delicate engravings in specific lettering such as “David Yurman,” “D.Y.,” or “D. Yurman,” a microscopic branding that could be easily missed by your typical David Yurman replica. A second hand Yurman could possibly come with an alleged certificate of authenticity, which could actually actually be forged, photoshopped, or otherwise illegally produced. To avoid these unethical alternatives to the David Yurman collection you would want to work with the best trained authenticators of jewelry and other luxury brands. Work with only the best to verify your pieces and work with Real Authentication to avoid David Yurman replicas ensure that your pieces have the typical hallmarks of the original brand’s integrity.
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